How to use 2 whatsapp accounts in one android without installing the 2nd whatsapp

            Now use two WhatsApp/coc/Gmail accounts in one android phone without installing the second Whatsapp/coc/Gmail apps

Hello, readers of techhelpers, we are here today to tell you how to use two whatsapps in one android without installing the second whatsapp.with this method you can use two gmail accounts,clash of clans accounts,messengers, or any apps two accounts in one phone so enjoy this trick and guys first I would like u to subscribe our youtube channel

Now coming to the point :
As I said above we can use two WhatsApp accounts in one android phone and that is also without installing any WhatsApp plus or ogwhatsapp.
“Parallel space” yes this is the app through which u can use two accounts of WhatsApp/Gmail/coc/drive/candy crush accounts and much more
U can watch the video for for.further assistance

There are few requirements for this app to work on your device like
1. Your phones operating system should be above 4.0
2. Your phones RAM should be 512 MB or greater than this
If you fulfill these requirements then it will work like butter in your device.
This app is very powerful and useful.

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I hope you like this trick of using two Whatsapp, the clash of clans, Gmail or messenger in your android phone


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