Activation of video calling in Whatsapp

 How to activate video calling feature in WhatsApp.

 But before telling you the procedure of activation of WhatsApp video calling feature, I would like you to say that WhatsApp calling feature is a great achievement for WhatsApp developers. However, you can also have a look at the best features of Whatsapp 2019.
As we all know Whatsapp is a good real-time social messenger through which we can send messages without any cost but before sometime, WhatsApp included some features like sending audio, video, pics, contact files to any user of WhatsApp and before almost 2-3 years WhatsApp included a new feature of voice calling which was demanded by almost 70-80% of the Whatsapp users and it had a great impact on the world massaging, now in this year (2016), Whatsapp has included two more features which are very useful and were the utmost need of the time which are sending a pdf file and video calling.

As we all know if we have to send any information to any person we prefer to make it as a pdf file because of time-saving and storage saving. When WhatsApp added this feature of sending pdf files, Every user of WhatsApp was very happy and satisfied as their need was fulfilled by the Whatsapp developer. Whatsapp developer is regularly updating the app by including some new features which are the demands of the time so as the demands of the people.
Whatsapp video calling feature is not included yet in the WhatsApp messenger but for beta users of WhatsApp, it is there. By including video calling feature, WhatsApp will become the best messenger among all.
But there are still some limitations which are not so good like you can’t send videos more than 16MB. The second limitation is that you can’t add more than 256 members in a Whatsapp group or in a broadcast. These two things need to be improved, These two things restrict WhatsApp to 4.5 stars else every user will give it 5 stars.

Now coming to the trick

10 easy steps to activate video calling feature in WhatsApp

1. Go to the playstore.

2. Search for WhatsApp messenger.

3. Scroll down.

4. At the end of the page, you will see join as a beta user.

5. Click on join/I’m in .and wait for some time(at least 5-10 minutes).

6. Now you will see where you are now a beta tester for this app like it is shown in the pic below and update WhatsApp.

7. If the update is not available, then re-install WhatsApp.

8. Now after installation.

9. Click on any contact in WhatsApp and try to call him/her.

10. There you will see two options instead of one, the first option will be voice call which is as a usual but second option will be a new option that is a video call, select video call.



Now I will tell you little bit about WHATSAPP BETA. WhatsApp beta is like other beta apps and it is from whatsapp and its not from any other developer. When a developer is upgrading any app or a developer is adding some features to his app he has to try it before launching it in the market and for that purpose he has to test it in several countries and in several phones.

So that he will be sure that it works fine in all the countries and almost in all the countries. So he makes the copy of that app which is called beta version of that app like WhatsApp has WhatsApp beta. So in short those features which are in testing mode can be used via WhatsApp beta.

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Note: Joining of Whatsapp beta is must for Activation of Whatsapp video calling feature

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   I myself have activated video calling feature in my Whatsapp and tested procedure for activation of video calling in WhatsApp is written above.

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