Back draws and customer care numbers of reliance jio

Reliance jio is one of the leading network providers of India including Bharti Airtel,vodafone etc. Its chairman Mukesh Ambani is a well known businessman of India and according to the list of richest persons in India of 2016 by Forbes. Mukesh ambani was among top 5 and its not a little thing. But as reliance jio is launched just before some months, so it is not stable yet and that’s why we are here with a list of back draws and customer care numbers.

6 major backdraws of Reliance jio.

 1. Internet speed of Reliance jio.

We all know Reliance jios internet speed is very low as compared to other 4G internet providers.As according to the bandwidth of 4G it speed should have been upto 100’s of MBPS but its not even 50MB’ps, this may be due to the huge customer base which probably overloaded its systems.

But it shouldn’t be like this as after 31 march 2017 they may start to loose their customer base but untill its free people will not bother to use it at low speed,when people have to pay for it they may switch to other 4G networks like idea,Airtel etc.

 2. Voice calls of reliance jio.

If you are a Reliance jio user then you will be aware about this thing.This is the worst thing that a network provider can have/face and even customers of reliance jio are so annoyed by this problem that they are using their 3G and 2G sim cards which they already had for calling purpose or for important calls as nobody wanna get messed up by the call problems of jio.

 Sometimes the call doesn’t connect with other network providers and in some states we got some questions regarding call jump they said that when they called their friends or relatives through jio it jumped to others number and he was already speaking to someone else and i was hearing the voice of both the sides like i was in a call confrence with two more members. calling. 

Jio doesn’t provide free calls to other countries so you cannot make an isd call from jio till now,so maybe they will provide this thing later.But till now they have not provided this feature so we will count it as a back draw. I personally tried as i had to make an important isd call but i was not able to call via jio and had to use another free calling method to make an international call. I wish there would have free isd Calls too.

 4. No signal in reliance jio.

In some states either the network strength is not so good or they get an error after some time of the use and that is no service due to which all jio apps are been forcibly closed by the phones operating system which is very bad for both the Reliance jio 4G and the users. This issue been is reported from jammu and kashmir, Delhi and Andhra pradesh.


We also got a query related to usage that is a person nane with held was using Reliance jio 4G at 23:22 then he turned the internet off and in the morning of next day he opened my jio app and checked in and he found data used was more than 300mbs,he did the same at that day and next morning data used was 502mb he was shocked and called customer care, They said that it may be a technical issue.

6. Reliance jio 4G cannot be used in 3G handsets:.

We know that unlike others, reliance jio 4G sim cannot be used in 3G handsets, so it doesn’t use VOIP for calling purposes and it uses VOLTE for calling , which means calling over Long Term Evolution (known as 4G) because reliance jio does not support 3G bands that’s why it make calls through VOLTE Instead of VOIP.

Due to this reliance jio is suffering a lot to cover all the handset users in India. But now all the android mobile users can use free Internet of reliance jio 4G in 3G phones. Which is a good thing, there are many ways to do so and enjoy the beniffits of free reliance jio 4g.

  •    There are also some good things about reliance jio which people doesn’t know like providing everything free including caller tunes .Yes callertunes are also free for a month that is you can use any caller tone free for a month ,but many persons don’t know how to activate free caller tune in reliance jio but we have provided a trick to use caller tone for free with unlimited validity and nowadays one should be aware about how to use free callertunes in jio

Back draws and customer care numbers of reliance jio

Customer care numbers of reliance jio 4G.

Now it’s time to provide you all the customer care numbers of jio.
So here is the list of customer care numbers.Every number is for a different purpose.

             First number is for the tele verification of data and calls,by calling on this number you will be able to activate your reliance jio sim card(in case if you have not provided xerox of adhaar card while purchasing the jio sim).

          Second number is for complaints purpose only,dial second number if you want to register any complaint regarding jio,it can be anything like network issue or net speed etc.

          Third number is jio helpline number, this number can be dialed if you need any kind of help related to jio Internet or calls etc. If you want to know anything about jio dial third number from the list of numbers provided below instead of second number which is related to complaints only .

              Fourth number is for tele-verification of data services only, so if you want to activate only data services in your 4G phone then you should dial the fourth number from the list of numbers given below instead of first number.

             Fifth number is Lyf customer care number. In case your lyf device have any issue related to anything like network issue, sound problem etc. Dial fifth number from the list of numbers provided below and you will be guided very politely and you will be provided every possible help.

1. Tele-verification number 1977 for data and calls. 

2. Complaint purposes related number 198.

3. Jio helpline number 199 .

4. Jio tele-verification number for data services only 1800-890-1977 .

5. Lyf phones customer care number 1800-890-9999.

Note : So it was the list of back draws and customer care numbers of reliance jio 4G and we acknowledge that this information can or cannot be accurate and accordingly.

          This information was provided to us by our viewers and we don’t take any responsibility of the above information is wrong or not usable.

6 thoughts on “Back draws and customer care numbers of reliance jio

  • February 4, 2017 at 1:41 pm

    I think we all expect good service from our providers because that's exactly what they promised. These are all concerns that we hope not to encounter regardless of the company.

  • February 5, 2017 at 1:50 am

    Quality service and having a strong signal are very important to me when choosing a provider. Very interesting read!

  • February 6, 2017 at 7:54 am

    Very interresting article ! The quality of the service is the first thing that matter !

  • February 6, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    Sandra you are right but people doesn't feel it any big problem as it is free


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