How to use Reliance 4G data after the limit of 1GB

Reliance jio 4G has the largest 4G customer base in INDIA and we all know why is it so? As we Guys love freebies and Reliance jio 4G is providing us cheap services.

Chairman of Reliance jio 4G Mukesh Ambani also tied up with a chinese 4G handset manufacturer company to provide countrys cheapest 4G handsets and they started to provide the cheapest 4G handsets and they were named as lyf and its cheapest 4G phone was priced at Rs 2990 ( price may vary with time).

         Chairman of Reliance jio 4G started to provide free internet and calls from the day of the launch of Reliance jio 4G. This free offer was first available for lyf handset users only but after a certain period of time they provided this offer to every 4G handset company users,which was a win win offer for everyone as customer had nothing to do with the lyf phones now and that was also a marvelous step by a great bussiness man and he got what he would have targeted “a huge customer base”.

In this offer any jio user can use all jio apps for free and even caller tune for one month is also free, but there are methods to activate caller tune for free with unlimited validity. This offer is named as welcome offer and it was mandatory to activate this offer while purchasing the sim or it had to be activated by the seller of the sim.

But there was something that was missing and that was Reliance jio couldn’t be used in 3G phones and that’s why we have provided some tricks to use Reliance jio 4G in 3G handsets and we hope that every single human being would love to use Reliance jio 4G in 3G handsets.

            But Mukesh Ambani is not going to stop here,according to reports Mukesh Ambani the chairman of jio is all set to tie up with another china based handset manufacturing company to provide world’s cheapest 4G handsets and the handsets are now pre launched you can check out their details here.This cheapest 4G handsets cost around RS 999.It was also mentioned in that report that in this handset you may get 1Gb of RAM 2000Mah battery,5 Mp rear camera and so on,which will further strengthen its customer base in India.

There are also some of the cheapest 4G phones avalaible in the market and you can also get them online. These 4G phones are in the range of Rs. 3000 to Rs. 7000 which is not so costly and you can check their specifications and price also before buying them.

             Chairman of Reliance jio announced the new year offer in the month of November in which Reliance jio users will get free internet access and free calls til 31 march 2017 while as earlier it was free till 31 December 2017. So this new year offer was really great offer for jio users as they got the allowance to use free internet and calls for 3 more months and that was not where mukesh ambani has stopped.

There are some news reports which are saying that Mukesh Ambani has further extended the free calling service of reliance jio till 31 june 2017 but customers has to pay a nominal fees of INR 100 and which was true but we got all services for free but had to pay Rs 303 for four months, which was not a big amount of money. So you can access the free services till 31 July 2107 after that you can use this trick/method or this offer may be extended again and if this offer is not extended further then you can use the saved data by this trick anytime..

==> what to do after you have consumed your 1GB 4G data? 

==> What to do when jio’s data packs will not remain free?

==> Should we buy some internet packs?

Don’t worry i will provide you a trick to use free 4G data of reliance jio after you have consumed your 1GB 4G data or after jio will start charging for these services.

By this method you will be able to store your current reliance jios data and you can use that whenever you will need that.

           Isn’t it great you can use that saved/stored internet data in any mobile phone whether that phone is 2G or 3G.So guys what are you waiting for download the data back application from playstore and register/signup with that mobile number on which you wanna store Reliance jio’s data and wanna enjoy free internet using your stored jio 4G’s data.

Data back is an application which gives almost 10-20% of used Internet data back to its users,when you will install it and will register in it you will become its user and when you will use it in a 4G device you will get upto 20% of data used back to the registered number. So if you will use 1GB of data you will get upto 200 MB of data to that number which you have used earlier for sign up purpose.So in this way you can use data of jio in any android phone or even in non android phones.

use free internet of reliance jio after 31 june 2017

             This application is almost 3 Mb,so it will not consume so much of storage or it will not use a big part of your RAM.Major thing which you need to know is you have to keep this app in your device till the date you use jio or till the date you wanna store your data in that registered number.if you keep data back application in your phone for 30 days and on average you will use 1GB of data per day then after a month you will get upto 6 GB of data from this amazing app. 

Actually the data you get is stored in databack itself but you can transfer that anytime after you will store more than 50Mb’s and with reliance jio, i don’  think it will take you a lot of time isn’t it?

            As i said above,welcome offer has to be activated while purchasing a new Reliance jio sim.There were some cases regarding jio billing in which 3-4 persons from different states said that they got a bill in which they were said to pay the amount of Internet that they had used which was nearly Rs.17000. Here it may have been the fault of seller that he had not activated his/her welcome offer.There are several other draw backs of Reliance jio 4G but those things can be sorted out by making a call to the customer care,there are separate numbers for different purposes provided by the Reliance jio 4G’s CEO. 

They want to improve their services because if they will continue to provide same services as they are providing this time,nobody is gonna pay for this kind of service.We all know that there are many issues with Reliance jio but as it is for free ,nobody seems to have any big problem to use it as it is.

             But when they will start to charge for their service, they know that most of the customers will not use our sim cards if we will not provide them good service, that’s why they provided many customer care numbers for different purposes. So guys enjoy this trick of reliance jio to use its data after 31 March 2017 for free.

You can refer to this article in order for jio balance check.

7 thoughts on “How to use Reliance 4G data after the limit of 1GB

  • February 6, 2017 at 9:31 pm

    It is great that it offers you a lot of data, I love data it helps me get through life lol!

  • February 7, 2017 at 5:51 am

    This is great! A lot of people rely so much on data these days and it's important that they have that kind of connection everywhere they go. I think it's nice that Jio is offering free data to their clients!

  • February 7, 2017 at 7:03 pm

    I'm not sure how these data work since I'm on a family plan and all I know is that I have unlimited data! But I'm sure these information is going to be extremely useful to those who can use it!

  • February 8, 2017 at 5:01 am

    Wow .. free data to their clients! I sure wish Verizon would do something similar. Thanks for a great post

  • February 8, 2017 at 11:59 pm

    Wow I wish this was something that offered in the states. Data packages can be quite expensive, especially Verizon.


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