How to check youtube and website earnings in AdSense

How to check AdSense earnings for YouTube and website?

If you are a youtuber or a website admin/owner then you must be aware about money earning with YouTube or website And different ways to monetize your YouTube and website contents and these contents can be anything audio,video,images or text( text is for website only).

Among all the monetization service providers Adsense is the Best one to monetize our contents and those who are in this field from a long time will be aware about why is adsense best to monetize our contents/articles.

             if you are new in this field then i recommend you to read all my articles reagrding youtube and websites or learn basics of SEO like what is Seo and how does it work?Then you can be successful in this field and may earn 100’s $ per month but i have also seen those persons who lost their precious time and money in this field as they started to do everything but had 0% of knowledge about Seo(Search engine optimization) and had no knowledge about good quality posts.

Therefore before buying a domain or a website one should know about good quality posts and proper SEO. Those guys did everything so that they will become successful but they got only loss of time and money. Even some of my friends were not able to get Adsense account approved, it happens due to the lack of knowledge or due to the minimum implementation of those things which google loves and maximum implantation of those things which google hates. So try to avoid the use of those things which google hates.

               It is very tough to get approval of Adsense account in the first time of submission of signup form, most of the guys had to submit that form several time to get their AdSense account approved.But for you tubers it’s very easy to get adsense account approved for the very first time.

So let’s check how to check youtube earnings in AdSense?

==> First of all sign in to your adsense account you will be shown your earnings Here but its till last month and the earnings of this month are not included to it,if it’s not 15th of the current month.

==> So lets check our total earnings till the date.

==> First of all sign in to your AdSense account.

==> Then click on three lines present in the top left side of your screen.

==> Now click on performance report and wait a little,till a new screen will apear.

==> Click on products.

==> Check box on hosted for content.

==> Now you can see your eanings of the week at the very right of your screen.

==> You can choose the date manually there and apply,so that you can check all your earnings.

==> It will be added to your total earnings on the 13th of next month or we can say earnings to full month is added to the total earnigs section on the 13th of every month.

             But according to our knowledge most of the new youtubers suffer a lot because of less views And least count of subscribers, so we always try to help newbies whether they are trying to earn either by website or by YouTube. In our YouTube channel we mostly upload videos for new youtubers so that they will be able to learn easily but here we try to encourage youth for both YouTube and websites.

There are many tips and tricks to get a huge number of viewes and subscribers on your YouTube channel. I recommend all of you to do proper research and collect some information about YouTube earnings and website earnings and proper SEO.

How to check website earnings in AdSense.

As i said above your earnings will be shown in the first page of adsense after you have been signed in but these are not your actual earnings,So follow these steps to check your website earnings in adsense.

First 4 steps are same as in YouTube method. Those 4 steps are also mentioned for better understanding.

==> Sign in to your adsense account.

==> Now click on three lines present in the top left corner of your screen.

==> Now click on performance report and wait a little,till a new screen will apear.

==> After all this click on products.

==> Now select/check box adsense for content.

==> Now you can check all your website earnings.
If your adsense account is not getting approved by Google then i know how it feels but believe me you are not the only one who is suffering from this thing. 

But there are a lot people who has the same issue and there is a reason behind this, why Google is not approving every single application of website owners and i cannot explain that here but as far as we are here so you can read how to get adsense account approved by google, before applying again. 

YouTube and website earnings


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