Speed up your android phone without any app

Increase or decrease your android phones working performance with these 6 amazing tips of android phones. 

Speeding up your android phone is not a joke, it is true and you can speed up your android phone or slow down your friends android phone (for fun related purposes and i suggest you no to use this for wrong purposes) easily with these 6 amazing tips.The best thing about this is that you don’t need to download any app for speeding up your android phone and this method is very usefull for the situations where you have to do a maximum number of tasks at a time and your phone starts lagging or your phones speed doesn’t match your speed.

                 This method can alao be used to irritate your friends by slowing down their android devices and we all hate android phones with slow performance.Tip number 6 is also a tip which can be used to irritate your friends.

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Here are the top 6 tips and tricks of android phones.

Tip number 1:

speed up your android phone by changing the values of transition animation. 

==> First of all goto phone settlings .

==> Now scroll down till you will reach the end.

==> Check if you are a developer. If you are a developer then there will be an option called developer options which will be above the “about phone”.

==> If you are not a developer.

==> Click on about phone.

==> Now click 7 times continuously on build number.

==> Now you will become a developer and developer option will be unlocked and will be available above the about phone.

==> There will be a new option above about phone and that will be developer options.

==> Click on it.

==> There will be many options.but for increasing the speed of your android phone.,there is only one option.transition animation

==> Click on transition animation and select 0.5 as it’s value as shown in image below.

==> Now see the difference. You may not feel any difference, just read full post.

Tip number 2:

 Slow down your friends android phone by changing the values of transition animation.

==> First of all follow the above steps unitll you will become a developer.

==> Now click on transition animation.

==> Choose 10 as it’s value.

==> Now check the difference in speed.

Tip number 3:

Enable cursor/pointer in our android phones as we have in pc’s or laptops. 

==> As of now you will be a developer of your android phone. If you are not, then follow the above points to become a developer of your android phone.

==> Click on developer options.

==> Scroll down a little bit instill you will see an option called show touches.

==> Click on show touches.

==> You are done you can see where you will click on touch pad.

Tip number 4
Make two screens of your android phones display? 

Being a developer of your android phone, you can make two screens of your android phones screen..
To make two screens of your androids screen you need to have android version more than 2.4
If you have android version greater than 2.4 then follow the steps below.

==> Go-to your phones settings.

==> Scroll down in till you will reach the developer options.

==> Click on it.

==> Now scroll a little bit instill you will see simulate secondary displays.

==> Click on it.

==> Choose first option that is 720*480 (screen resolution may vary) and you will get a secondary screen.

Note: If you want to close it and don’t wanna use it, you cannot switch it to off or close it, you have to close/off the developer options at the top right corner of your screen (when you are inside the developer options).

Tip number 5:

Check current CPU usage. 

==> Open phone settings.

==> Scroll down till you will see developer options.

==> Click on it.

==> Scroll down untill you will see cpu usage option.

==> Click on it and current CPU usage will be avalaible at the top right corner of your display screen.

Tip number 6:

 Automatically close apps running in background. 

** First three steps are same as above
==> Now scroll down in till you will see don’t keep activities.

==> Click on it.

==> Now apps will be automatically closed as the user leaves it.

Note: this tip is not so benificiall as much it has disadvantages , but it will help you to increase the speed of your android phone and it can be also used for fun related purposes. Do try it in your friends android phone and give a shock to him.

increase phone speed without an app

Extra information: You can increase the performance of your android phone by many other ways but those methods may require some apps to be downloaded first.

                 First thing for that is to root your android phone and most of the guys don’t know what root is actually?? After that you will be the king of your android phone, which means you can do anything you want with your device but if you don’t know anything about root, then you should not try it at your own as it may cause some temporary problems or even permanent damage to your android phone but if you have already rooted your android phone then there are many apps like ” greenify” which helps us by various means like better battery backup and better device performance.

These were the top 6 android phone tips and I hope you will try these tips and will get good results. Speeding up your phone is not so difficult with these tips, so get going and do let us know how much this happens benificial for you. 



Er. Sajad Quadir Is A Blogger, Vlogger and A Technical Geek. It's Been around 5 years in the field of blogging.

2 thoughts on “Speed up your android phone without any app

  • February 23, 2017 at 1:34 am

    Thank-you so much for you post. My husband has an android and so I forwarded it along to him. I know he'll be happy to hear how to close down apps in the background because they're forever depleting his battery life!

  • February 25, 2017 at 6:54 pm

    I have an Iphone but my friends are definitely android users so they definitely need these tips in their life. I love the animation switch off/change because its something Ive def noticed in their phones. And the background apps switch off.


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