what is youtube revenue and how to increase it

In this article we will discuss how much of revenue we can get from youtube and how we can earn more revenue than normal.

Revenue/earnings are directly dependent on the following 6 factors and these are location of your youtube channel, niche of your channel, length of your videos, quality of your videos,  views and subscribers and proper SEO . But the third one has the maximum effect on youtube revenue

Revenue is actually the earnings of a particular period of time and of a particular thing like youtube,website etc.
So let me explain all these factors one by one.

Watch this playlist and get all your questions answered.

==> First factor is location of your channel :

 i have a YouTube channel “Tech helpers” i have set its location India, so my YouTube revenue will not be so good as cpc (cost per click) of India is normally 0.02 – 0.05 and cpc of America is very high, cpc of America is in dollars not in cents, i think cpc of USA is 2-3$ so you can see the difference in cpc.
       Now we will see whether there is any difference in RPM (Revenue Per Mile) or not. Yes there is a lot of difference in the RPM of India and USA. Revenue per mile is the revenue per thousand views, so clicks doesn’t pay only views also pay you.

Normally RPM of India is 0.5$ – 1$. But RPM of USA is 4-15$ which is very high. So if you select USA as location of your YouTube channel, then you need to provide/upload videos which natives of USA like otherwise you will not be able to grow your channel there.

Also know about fastest growing YouTube channels.

==> Niche of your channel is the second factor which has the effect on YouTube revenue. 

If your niche/topic is on technology, health. Then your revenue will be good than other niche related channels. Generally the cpc of technology related channels is high but RPM of technology related channels is low and the RPM of health related channels is high but its cpc is not so good.

Generally we get more revenue because of CPC and RPM doesn’t have so much of effect in YouTube, i don’t say it doesn’t have any role or it totally doesn’t give any revenue but i am saying it has a little effect on our revenue.

increase youtube revenue

==> Length of your videos also has an effect on your YouTube revenue. 

If the length of your YouTube videos is long, then you can allow mid roll ads(ad breaks)  to be shown in between your videos and mid roll ads pay the highest amount among all the type of ads and this can be done in user defaults settings. User defaults can be found by following these steps.

 * go to video manager of your YouTube channel.

* click on gear icon which will be below the main gear icon as shown here.

* click on channel.

* now you will see user defaults.

But most of the youtubers doesn’t do that because they say that it irritates the viewers and most of the watchers/viewers get bored and they switch to other videos. But i personally suggest to use mid roll ad also know as ad break  if and only if your video is good/attractive and unique.

Length of the video is requirement while as quality of the videos are optional but if quality of your videos is not so good then it is very difficult to retain/engage your audience and it will have a direct impact on your revenue and quality of the video doesn’t mean HD or non HD. Quality means the way you use pics, information and your talking style or the music track you have merged. There are many tips to make a good quality video.

==> Another factor on which YouTube revenue depends upon is Quality of your videos:

As i said above to retain your viewers,quality of your videos should be good and those videos get the good revenue which try to engage their audience so that their audience will watch the full video and has bounce rate low.

This factor indicates the bots of youtube that the video of this channel is good and audience are enjoying its videos  and YouTube knows that if the audience is enjoying they will not click on the ads accidentally as you may be aware about the fact about those videos which are not so good or doesn’t discuss the as we want to has too many accidental ad clicks.

This is because as the viewer wants to watch the next video or want to close the current video he/she accidentally clicks on ad and dyduee to which youtube doesn’t serve high paying ads on those channels.

Whereas those channels which has bounce rate low get the high paying ads on their videos and they earn good revenue.

==> Views and subscribers has the main role in your YouTube revenue or earnings. 

I think i have already discussed about RPM and still you must be aware about relation between subscribers and views. If our monthly views are about 1-2 Lakhs. Then our YouTube revenue will be quite good as CPC and RPM depends upon views.

Let us consider views are 100 so clicks will be nearly 10-13 and if views on your videos will be 1000 then how many clicks can be there? Approximately 110-130. So the earnings or revenue will be very good.

So in order to increase views and subscribers of your youtube channel you need to make good quality videos and try to make your videos on unique topics/niche.There are several other tips to increase views and subscribers of your YouTube channel.

==> Another factor is proper SEO:

You may be aware about SEO (Search engine optimization)  if not then let me explain it a little bit. Proper SEO means to do those things by which your video will come in the first page of the search results by which you will get more views on your videos and and obviously revenue is directly related to view.

So your revenue will be more but its very difficult to rank your videos on the first page because everyone wants their videos to get in the first page of the search results. Ranking of your videos depends upon proper SEO and your content/video and it takes a lot of time to rank your videos.


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