16 YouTube video downloader applications

Now a days people mostly want to download videos from YouTube, Instead of watching them online and the main reasons behind this are internet data and time.
When we watch any video on YouTube and if we miss something or don’t understand any point in that video,then we have to rewind that video which will consume more data of our Internet.

Second reason is time sometimes we are very busy with some activities and our friends send us a link of any good video but because of lack of time we are not able to watch that video at that time and we want to download that video so that we can watch that later.

 The best thing of watching videos when you are free is that you understand that video easily and you can watch that video again while applying those things practically which are said/mentioned in that video. So in this article we have provided 16 types of YouTube downloaders in which 12 types of YouTube video downloaders are for android and 4 types of YouTube video downloaders for Windows.

These are the 12 Youtube video downloaders for android phones

1. Tubemate:

According to my personal experience this is the best YouTube video downloader. It supports maximum number of video downloads at a time and the best thing is that you can download the YouTube video through this app by three ways.

You can search any video in this app and click on download or you can paste a link of any video in it and can download that or if you are watching any video in YouTube and wanna download that,click on share video and selrct tube mate and doenload it by clicking on a downward arrow sign.

If you are using any messenger and you got any YouTube video link, you can click on it and it will show you select any application to complete the operation there you can select tubemate and can download that video.

           Download TubeMate For PC (Windows 7/8/10)

2. KeepVid Android:

This YouTube video downloader is little bit different from the tubemate as it supports video downloading from other websites also. So it means that we can download any video from any website with the help of this application. It also supports some video formats/pixels which tubemate doesn’t.

So a better option than tubemate if you have to download videos from other sites than YouTube. You can also download mp3’s of some videos by this application.


When you will download this application and after installation,open it. Now you will be having a category of videos to download and you can Also search for your video there untill you will get that.

After getting your video just tap on download and Easy tube will show you all the available formats including an audio format that is mp3 ,click on the desired format and your video/audio will be downloaded.

 YouTube video downloaders

4. Vidmate:

This application has an extra feature and that is security of your contents/videos. If you dont have time to watch a particular video at a particular time then this app has something for you and that’s called save for later.

This option is same like youtube application has but there is little bit of difference between these two and that is, some videos on YouTube doesn’t support save for later and by YouTube application or via browser we cannot save them for later but Vidmate allows you to save those videos for later.

Besides all this it also works as a normal YouTube video downloader and you can search any video in it and can download that by clicking on downward arrow that is the download option and sometimes there are videos on YouTube which doesn’t have a good video quality.

In order to improve the video quality of that video you can follow these steps. After you have followed those steps,quality of your video will be improved to a great extent.

5.YouTube Downloader:

It works in both the ways which means you can either search for any video within the this app or you can download the video while watching that video in youtube app or on YouTubes website.

To download youtube videos by searching them within this app you have to click on search and put your desired videos title, now can click on download, after that you can select the version of pixels to download like 460p , 580p and so on and also you can extract audio from any video on YouTube by this app.

This simply means that you can download the audio of that video also and as we all know people now a days will be downloading more movies and videos than ever as reliance jio is free for a year now and that’s why we have a list of websites to download latest movies for free.


It has a lot of categories already there like most viewed, trending and so on. So you can select any video from those categories and can download that but you can also search for a particular video by putting your desired videos title in the apps search bar.

Click on go and you will be having your video in front of you. Now download it by clicking on the downward arrow sign that is the download button. People in india now a days are mostly using YouTube to watch videos as reliance jio has recently made some announcements on free internet and even callertunes are free,so there are simple steps to activate free callertunes and as people are using mostly youtube because of this reliance jio,they are quite enjoying.

7. Videoder:

It has a simple user interface with less features,as it has less features so the size of the app will be less as well. In first 6 video downloaders we had an internal video player with them to show you the video before you can download that video but in this downloader there is not internal video player assigned with it. Another thing is that you cannot extract the audio of that video by this app like others do.

8. YTD video downloader:

To download videos by this app,you need to have the URL of that video. To get the URL of any video just open your web browser now open YouTube in your web browser and search for your video, after getting your video copy its url and paste it in YTD downloader and click on go . Now click on download to download your video.

9. Tubex:

It works something different than other downloaders. Open tubex app after its installation and search for your video in this app .click on my favorite following which there will be 3 options,click on download and select the desired format.

 we have 3 online YouTube downloaders and these video downloaders are:

10. Clip Converter -online Downloader:

To download video by clipConverter you need to visit the YouTube website on your browser or through your app and search for your video,after you have found your video.

Now you have to click on share and copy its url and visit clipConverter and paste that url.Now select the format of your desired video and download it.

11. Opera mini-Online:

I think most of us have opera mini already in our phone and if you also habe then you don’t need to download any other application. Go to YouTube via opera mini and search for your desired video and put ss instead of https://www. Before the url of your video for example url of my video is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgFGZqCZJwI  so replace its first portion as i have done like this  ssyoutube.com/watch?v=WgFGZqCZJwI  and click on go now you will be redirected to a new page where you will be having a number of formats of that available. Click on any of the format and it will start to download.

12. Uc mini mini-online:

I think you must be aware of this application and its actually a web browser and it works same as opera mini does but there is a little bit of difference in user interface between uc mini and opera mini. User interface of uc mini is very smooth as compared to opera mini and other web browsers.

YouTube downloaders for windows (computers and laptops)

13. YTD Downloader:

It is same as i have mentioned above but this is for windows and rest of the things are same as it was for its mobile application. So you can scroll this page a little upand you will find how does this software work.

14. 4K video downloader:

4k video downloader allows you to download a lot of videos at a time. You can download the YouTube videos by both the ways that is by searching the title of your desired video or by pasting the URL of your desired videos and click on download.

 The best thing of this video downloader is that you can download all the videos of a playlist by a single click. Even you can download 100’s of videos at a time of any YouTube channel by a single click which saves a lot of time.

15. Opera mini:

Working of this software/web browser is same as like its mobile application has and i have already explained that above. You just need to go to YouTube and search for your desired video and copy its url. Now replace https://www. By ss “like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgFGZqCZJwI after replacement it will look like this ssyoutube.com/watch?v=WgFGZqCZJwI and paste it back into the url bar/address bar and click on go. Now you will be redirected to a new webpage and you will be shown a number of video formats. Click on one among them and your video will start to download.

16. Uc web browser:

If you have uc web browser in your windows then you don’t need any other application to download YouTube videos. First of all go to YouTube.com from your uc web and search for your desired video,now copy its url and replace its front part by ss  that is https://www. To ss,it should look like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgFGZqCZJwI  after replacement of its front part ssyoutube.com/watch?v=WgFGZqCZJwI and paste it in url bar/address bar ,click on go and you will be redirected to a new website and you will be having many video formats there,click on any of the video format and your video will start to download.


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    As a YouTuber myself (I make YT videos) I find this post very helpful. I'm always on YouTube and this will save my data.

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    Good to know that there are options to download videos from Youtube. It's perfect for compiling things that you'd like to watch later or if you simply like the video. Thanks for the list of apps!

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    Well I keep on downloading content from youtube but didnt know that there are so many plethora of options. Very helpful post

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    These are great. I sometimes want to download vids fro youtube to share on my instagram and these would be helpful.

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