Tips to increase YouTube subscribers for free

Online earning is very easy and good if and only if you have some skills. If you are working on YouTube or you want to work on YouTube then you must have fluency in language,proper orientation of your topic and good video editing skills. Without these skills it’s very tough to grow on such a big platform like youtube.

             So if you don’t have any skill yet,you can still give it a try so that you may learn them slowly slowly and after you have done the above things you have to build a good subscriber base in order to get more views on your videos and your video will reach to a maximum number of persons.

 There are many ways to increase the number of subscribers of your channel but some are tips and some are tricks. What we mean by tips and tricks?
           Tips helps us to grow our channel subscribers slowly slowly but that doesn’t have any negative effect on our youtube channel or on our AdSense account and the subscribers gained by these tips are permanent which helps us to get more views on our videos.

        Tricks helps us to get a fast flow of subscribers on our channel and it doesn’t help us to get more views on our videos and the worst thing about this is that sometimes our YouTube channels get banned because of these tricks.

I have already discussed some YouTube tips in my earlier post/article but i only included 17 YouTube tips to increase views and subscribers of your channel and was unable to add more tips because of the length of that article so here is another one.

These YouTube tips will help you to get 30-40 subscribers a day which is not a good number but these will not harm your channel or will not have any bad effect on your YouTube channel and you can analyze the subscriber report to check how many subscribers you have got.

You can also get views,likes,comments and ad clicks by this method/tips but i suggest never do fake ad clicks to earn some bucks because most of the times Google bans AdSense accounts which have illegal ad clicks.

 So what are the tips?

            See guys we are talking about tips which will not give you a huge number of subscribers instantly and if you want a huge number of subscribers instantly just scroll down to YouTube tricks.

         Our first tip is to encourage your audience in your video to subscribe your channel, this can be done either  by including text message in your video or you can include audio message or you can add both in your video like I am doing on my youtube channel.
        Our second tip is sub4sub. You may have heard about sub4sub,if not then let me explian it a little and if you know then move forward to next step. Sub4sub means you will subscribe other youtubers channel and they will subscribe yours and for that purpose we have a number of groups on facebook and i have found some groups with more than 40k members. So below are the steps to do sub4sub and get more subscribers.

Step 1. Join sub4sub groups from the below given links.

Step 2. Ask for sub4sub by posting sub4sub with your YouTube channel link on those groups.

Step 3. Now subscribe others channel and they will subscribe yours.

Step 4. Post screenshot of subscription as proof.

Group links:
   Join first group with more than 80k members
   Join second group with More than 70k members 

   Join third group which have mote than 53k members

    Join this group with more than 53k members
    Join this group having more than 40k membersmembers

Promotion of your YouTube videos on different platforms:

  Promotion of your videos helps to get maximum number of subscribers but for the purpose of promotion choose your best video as if you will promote your best video. People will definitely like and subscribe your channel and people themselve will share your videos and this will help you to reach your video to maximum number of persons and more audience is equal to more subscribers. I have explained all the things related to free promotional and paid promotional platforms in my previous post/article so you can refer to that article/post.

tips to  increase YouTube sunscribers

Now i will explain a little bit about YouTube tricks.

YouTube trick to increase the subscribers of your channel:

There are many tricks to increase your YouTube channel subscribers and i have mentioned some of them below. But as i already said these tricks can harm your channel temporarily or you channel may get banned by YouTube permanently. These  tricks are: this website helps you to get more subscribers,likes on your videos,website views,facebook page likes, Facebook post likes,Twitter followers and instagram followers. So this website provides a lot of services but remember these tricks can harm your accounts/channels.

To get subscribers/followers from this website all you need to do is sign up on traffup and like others videos there or subscribe others channels and you will earn points and then you can associate those earned points with your channel and you will get subscribers.

           There are many groups in which people sell subscribers and you can buy them from the above provided groups also but if those subscribers are generated or referred by bots then they can harm your channel also but i have not tried that yet so i don’t want to give you any wrong information regarding this method.

I have a friend who buy these subscribers and views from a person but his channel is not growing so good according to him. So if you want to buy subscribers from that person you can contact us

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