Earn Monthly Amazon Gift Cards Worth Rs 200

Earning Amazon, Flipkart or paytm gift cards are easy nowadays but for that, you need to have some basic information about the gift cards and the apps/websites which provide these gift cards for free. There are many fake apps and websites which says that they will give you 200$, 300$ amazon gift cards, Flipkart gift cards or paytm gift cards after a month but most of them are fake.

In order to make sure that the website or an app is genuine, you need to check the worth of the gift card which they are providing. 200$ gift card for a month is a huge amount and it’s almost impossible to give a gift card worth 200$ or more than that. This app has been tested by our users as well as by the admin.

How can we get 6$ Amazon gift card every month?

To earn Amazon gift cards worth R’s 400, you need to register on mobile xpression website and then download its official app. This app is just of 600 KBs which means it will not consume so much of space in your phone. Further, you need to keep Mobile xpression app in your phone to get the Amazon gift cards.

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Mobile xpression app gives a gift card of worth RS 400 for the first month and afterward 200 Rs every month. But for that, you need to keep this app in your phone and check for the points every week. 2 points are been rewarded every week and 10 points can be redeemed as a gift card of worth Rs 200.

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How to redeem that Amazon gift card and Is there any task like downloading apps or referring your friends etc.

No, there is not a single task like that. All you need to do is to sign up via your mobile number and email id on the mobile xpression website and download the mobile xpression app via given link.  You will receive that link on your registered email id.

Earn Amazon gift cards

After the successful installation of that app, you need to give some access controls to this app and this can be done in the settings of your handset. Further, you need to check for reward points every week and you will be getting 2 credit points every week. You need to click on the claim there. All the claimed points are stored and after you get 10 credit points. You can redeem them as Amazon gift card of worth Rs 200.

Amazon gift card will be sent to you on your registered email id. You need to log in to your Amazon account and then click on gift cards. Now you need to Click on the add gift card and enter that Amazon gift card code which was sent to you on your registered email id via the link.


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