Earn Amazon gift cards worth Rs 320 every month

How to earn Amazon gift cards worth Rs 320 per month.

In our last post we shared an app through which you can earn Rs 200 amazon gift cards every month. After getting a good response from our readers and visitors we thought of sharing more methods of earning Amazon gift cards.

So in this article we will tell you another way of earning Amazon gift cards upto 200 every month.

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How this app works and what is the net worth of those Amazon gift cards.

This app gives you a signing bonus of Rs 300, which can be redeemed as an Amazon gift card. The net worth of amazon gift card of the first month will be equal to 400 RS and in the second month you will get a gift card of worth Rs 110. Basic amount of gift card is of worth Rs 100 and Rs 10 will be incremented to it every month.

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So you will get an Amazon gift card of Rs 110 for the second month and in the third month you will get a gift card worth Rs 120. This will continue till you will reach RS 200, You can redeem those gift cards every month . You can earn these gift cards till you will keep their app in your Android phone.

Earn Amazon gift cards

How to get amazon gift cards worth upto Rs 200.

You don’t need to do any hardwork nor you have to download any apps. Most of the earning apps/methods have two tasks first one is downloading apps and second task is refer and earn. But it’s not like those apps. All you have to do is to keep this app in your Android phone. Follow the below given steps:

• Register yourself on the panel research website.

• Follow the instructions carefully.

• Download it’s Android app.

• Keep this app in your phone.

NOTE : Registration in this research panel remains closed mostly, So try your luck or you can also visit their website regularly to check whether the registration is open or closed.


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