What awaits us on the other end of this century

The picture might look like a futuristic representation of Atlantics ,but it actually is the design plan of how an underwater city would look 100 years from now. Can you imagine livingin that beautiful bubble?

Is it not so very fascinating?

Just like this there are a number of other wonderful things awaiting us in the future. We would be able to download our memories, vacation on other planets, talk telepathically and may even become immortal! Get on your imaginary flying saucers and let’s go on a ride to explore what surprises our future holds for us.

World under water: –

Oceans occupy majority of the earth’s surface and with the reduction of space on land to be occupied man will turn to the oceans in the search of new space to build houses and live in. Huge spherical bubble like structures will be built using water. Inside these ginormous bubbles, schools, offices and houses will be built and will run on hydrogen fuel generated in the process of generating oxygen from water.

Algae a Food and Fuel: –

With the drastic increase in the population it would be impossible to cater to the nourishment of everyone. The solution for this problem would be SCP (Single Celled Protein) based food which mainly consists of microorganisms like algae. We will be making even food from some of the best 3d pens. These algae will be cultivated extensively in the sea not only supplement as a food source, but also would be used as a source of bio fuel which is a clean biodegradable fuel that is renewable. This fuel could be used in the generation of electricity
Communication Via Telepathy: –

Transmission via telepathy might sound like something from a science fiction but you would be surprised to know that it might soon become a reality. We would be able to select our thoughts and relay them to the person we want to communicate with. We would also be able to download our thoughts and conversations with others which in a way would make us immortal!

Weather control: –

We already have primitive weather controls systems, but, as new knowledge is being garnered on how weather works we could possibly be able to come up with technology with which we would be able to control the weather when we need to. It might not be super cheap and accessible anyhow.

Developments in health care: –

Health care and medicine would be an entirely different ball game by then. We could regularly monitor ourselves on our own and treat our selves all by ourselves using advanced monitoring and screening equipment which will regularly check the various changes in our body and provide us detailed reports which would contain information regarding the problems we might be having and the solutions for them. 

Organ failure would no longer be a concern due to the advanced bionics and 3D printing. We would be able to cure genetic defects and congenital health care problems using stem cell based therapies.
New sources of energy: –

With the exhaustion of conventional sources of fuels new alternate sources will come into play. These new sources include nuclear energy ,especially nuclear fusion based energy, solar power and bio fuels.

 All these sources are capable of producing enormous amounts of electricity completely wiping out the power cuts and shortages. More over solar and bio fuel based power is both renewable and also clean.
But, on the down side: –

Almost all forms of wild life would be entirely destroyed due to lack of viable ecosystems and could only be viewed as specimens in museums. The polar ice caps would almost completely melt off due to the immense amount of population. With the present rate of pollution, the atmosphere would get so polluted by then that we would need air filters and oxygen masks to get out into open. 

The saddest part , according to me would be that there would be not much person to person interaction and the requirement of speaking would be reduced significantly. The ozone layer which is responsible for our protection against the harmful radiation would be completely destroyed due to the excessive use of CFC’s.

We have a beautiful utopia awaiting us on the other end of the century where there the buildings are beautiful and the quality of life is amazing but also where grass ain’t green and the air ain’t pure. So, since we are still working on building this dream land, let’s make a little effort to save a few things like our ecosystem, our values which make us human beings. 

Advancing technology is definitely a boon to the mankind, let’s try not to make it the bane of our congeniality.


Er. Sajad Quadir Is A Blogger, Vlogger and A Technical Geek. It's Been around 5 years in the field of blogging.

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