Download Archos Video Player (Free) for Android from 9Apps

While downloading any app, play store sometime creates many problems. Those problems
sometimes are very annoying and irritating. After getting tons of request from our readers, we
have decided to create a guide on how to install Archos Video Player for Android through
Vidmate app. But before that, we will discuss from where to download Vidmate apk.

Vidmates apk can be downloaded from the 9apps store but before that, you need to follow the
9apps install procedure. Since our final motive is to install Archos Video player then it’s a must
to get knowledge of this Video Player in deep.

Archos Video Player.

Archos Video player is the best video player that one can have on their Android Smartphone.
This video layer offers a huge number of TV shows, videos, and movies that are available on the
internet. Archos also act as a default video player through which we can play videos that are
present on our Android Device. This video player is quite famous due to the below-mentioned

Features of Archos Video Player.

  •  offers a pleasant user interface.
  •  Videos are decoded through Hardware accelerated process.
  •  Supports Multi Audio Tracks.
  •  Embedded Subtitles option.
  •  Supports almost all type of subtitles files such as SRT, SUB, ASS, SMI, etc.
  •  Completely TV friendly.
  •  Can play videos on Servers/ Internet.
  •  Supports live streaming too.
  •  Archos Video Player offers live torrent streaming.
  •  Can Play videos on External Drives.
  •  Comes with Night Mode to pleasant night experience.
  •  Playback history can be privatized.
  •  Audio can be boosted in video playback.

These were some of the features that Archos offers you and that’s the reason why Archos Video
Player is ranked at the top among all Video Player. After going through the features of Archos
Video Player, I hope you have decided to download this Player on your Android Smartphone.

complete details of archos video player

How to download and Install Archos Video Player?

  •  Download the apk file of 9apps from a trusted apk provider.
  •  Go to the file manager.
  •  Click on the apk file and let the installation process begins.
  •  Provide all the required permissions.
  •      Once the installation process ends, you can run the 9apps to download Archos Video


This was a guide on how to download 9apps. Now it’s time to install Archos Video Player from
9apps Store. In order to get the stunning video player, you need to follow the below-mentioned

  •  Step 1# Get the apk file Archos Video Player from 9Apps.
  •  Step 2# Go to the file manager and click on the respective apk file.
  •  Step 3# Installation process will begin.
  •  Step 4# Give all the required access asked by the app.
  •  Step 5# Installation process will end.
  •  Step 6# You can run the Archos Player from the app drawer.

This was a small guide with complete details regarding Archos Video. If you will follow the
above-mentioned steps then, you won’t be facing any problem in the 9apps install process,
vidmate apk installation and Archos Video Player.


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