How To Earn Money From A Blog – Step By Step Guide

Do you want to earn money from your writing skills and ready to start a blog? But don’t know how
you can do SEO on your blog? SEO is not easy for everyone but if you have some previous knowledge then you can do it very easily. Anyone can blog online with the free tools available on the internet,but generating income through it requires time and effort. From research million of the blog on blogging websites, all of these make competition for your blog. But don’t worry I will guide you Stepp by Step SEO techniques which will give your blog high ranking and you can earn money through your blog.

What should the Topic of your Blog?

It’s very important to start a blog. What should be your topic? I will suggest you write on those
topics in which you are perfect and could guide perfectly to your users. If you are a cook than you
should choose a topic on food because you know about food very well and you could give the best
information on food to your users. You have to write your posts with SEO friendly for ranking on
Google’s first page.

Earn Money From A Blog


How to Write SEO friendly Article on your Blog?

It is very important for you if you are writing for income then you should write articles SEO friendly
Because it will give you good ranking on Google. Before start writing, you should check competition
in your niche and then start writing. The competition will tell you how many keywords should in your articles. If competition in your niche is high then you could use 1.8% keywords in your article more than 1.8% is not good because it comes to keyword stuffing category which is hated by Google.


Some steps you must use in your article which is called 16 factors.

1. Keyword in Title.

2. Keyword in URL

3. Maintain Keyword Density in your Article.

4. Keyword in anchor text.

5. Keyword in heading Like (H1, H2).

6. Use Keyword at the beginning of your Post.

7. Use Keyword in Alt Text of pictures.

8. Use Keywords in Meta Tags.

9. Maintain keyword Proximity.

10. Use phrases in your keyword.

11. Use secondary words for your keywords.

12. Use stemming from your keyword.

13. Use synonyms of your keyword.

14. Don’t misspell your keyword it will make negative keywords.

15. Never dilute keywords in your article.

16. Don’t do keyword stuffing in your Article.

These are the points you should follow them before posting your article.


Which platform should you use for Earning?

There are many options for choosing a platform where you can monetize your blog for Earnings.


1st one is AdSense programme which is a product of Google It gives you Revenue on two factors PPC and CPM. If you have good traffic on your blog then you could apply for AdSense and start getting earning from it this is highest paying monetization programme for bloggers.


Chitika is a platform for monetization but it gives you approval when you have good USA traffic and
You have a blog on paid hosting if you are using Free platforms like Then it will not
approve your blog for earning.

Info Links:-

Info Links a platform for monetization of your blog but you have quality content on your blog and
more than 50 articles on your website then it will verify your blog for earning. It shows ads in the
text of your article.

This was all but just a glimpse into the extremely vast world of Blogging. To know more about the
Blogging field or be it any other field related to Digital Marketing, Enroll at Digital Technology
Institute, New Delhi and get trained by the best Digital Marketers that the nation has to offer.

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