Blogging is one of the most beautiful things to make your life better. Still, most of the world population is unaware of it. Blogging born as a daily journal where people maintained their record of to do things.

Soon, marketers have discovered a great marketing potential in blogging. They started running small
blogs to make people aware about the brands and businesses. The blog has helped them to grow the
sales and earning rapidly.

Now blogging is known as one of the most authentic ways to make money online. There are thousands of bloggers worldwide who are making millions of dollars with their blogging efforts.

The beauty of the blogging is that it is open to all and people can quickly start their blogging business
without any technical knowledge. You will see success in business by following just few steps.

Make money with blogging online

Today I am going to help you start a blog to run blogging business to make money online.

Here are the things that you need to start blogging business;

1) Niche:

Niche or the topic of your blog is the first thing you need to decide. You need to find a niche which is not only profitable, but you should also have the passion for it. You can start a blog on health, technology, science, business, meditation, spirituality, finance, politics etc.

No matter which niche you choose for your blogging business, make sure that you are passionate about it because you have to read and write a lot of content on a regular basis. You can only write content if you passionate about your niche.


2) Domain Name.

Domain name is the name of your blog or website. It is essential that you choose a domain name with
utmost care. You should select the name for your blog as you are accepting the name of your kid.

Follow some tips when choosing a domain name, such as;

• Stick with .com

• Keep it short and simple

• Avoid confusing words, hyphens and numbers in the domain name

• Avoid copying name of some other domain or business.

3) WordPress theme.

Choosing a WordPress theme is essential. When someone is visiting your blog, the very first thing that his eye looks at is the design of your blog. So it is necessary that you choose a premium WordPress theme which is responsive, fast loading and come with full support.

There is various online theme marketplaces available from where you can buy premium WordPress
theme for your blog.

4) WordPress hosting.

Hosting is also one of the most critical parts of the successful blogging business. First of all, you should stay away from free web hosting services. Always buy web hosting from the reliable web hosting providers.

When choosing a web hosting looks for few things;

• 24/7 support

• 99% uptime

• Bandwidth

• Storage Space

• Domain name free or paid

• Email service

5) Important pages

After you upload your blog on WordPress hosting the very first thing is to create essential pages.
What are the important pages?

Important pages contain the critical information about the blog or blogging business. The most common type of essential pages are;

Contact Us.

• Privacy Policy.

• Disclaimer.

• Sitemap.

These pages help the visitor understand what your business is all about and how to contact you when


6) Write posts.

Writing quality posts is a regular job. You have to write posts on a daily basis or few times every week. It is a good idea that you should at least write 3-5 posts every week and then share those posts on all social channels.

When you are about to write the blog post, first do keyword research to find the profitable keywords
with low competition. You can use long tail keywords to rank in search engine results and get organic
traffic easily. Also Write SEO friendly Posts, You can read about On-Page SEO here.


7) Monetize blog:

Monetizing your blog is the crucial thing. This is why you have created a blog. You want to make money with it. You can use various blog monetization options to monetize your blog content.


Some of the most popular ways to monetize your blog are;

• AdSense.

• Affiliate marketing.

• Native Ads.

• Text Ads.

• Sponsored reviews.

• Selling ad space on your blog.

Final Words:

These are the steps that you must follow to launch a blog and run successful blogging business. Just blog with passion and everything will follow you.


Er. Sajad Quadir Is A Blogger, Vlogger and A Technical Geek. It's Been around 5 years in the field of blogging.

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