Unlearning Violence with Cable TV

The undertones of every human are many. Imagine, humans are like songs – everyone is different, and it takes hundreds of different instrumental sounds, pitches, tones, and lyrics to make each one. As we all know, the undertones, when deconstructed and scrutinized, can be troublesome at times, given the pure nurture factors around us – those dark tones tell us something.

For instance, for many of us, some of the things that make us into the people we are, are rough edges, imbalance and other imperfections that remain in the realms of being human – then there are things that are miscellaneous – we’re better off without them, but they sometimes weigh us down, and get the best of us, like parasites. Mostly, these are learned habits – unnatural for humans that bring us away from our own humanity, conscience, and goodness, for instance, violence.

The most destructive of all conditioned habits is perhaps violence – which when instinctive, is essential and contributes towards survival instinct, but when mindless, becomes so damaging that the difference between human and animal fades.
Lately, no matter what we do, we can’t shake off this insanely frustrating feeling – we’re short-tempered, we’re easily ticked off, and we’re like a time bomb waiting to explore. This may be because of our draining jobs, the personal problems, global warming as a whole, or the idea of the world coming to an end.
Unlearning Violence with Cable TVWhatever it may be, it seems to be getting the worst of us, and there comes emerging violence from within the cracks left by our frustration. Whereas getting professional help may beat all alternatives, many of us are not willing to – or we cannot, depending on circumstances. However, there may be some surprising remedies hiding in the most mundane and low-maintenance activities around us – and they actually work. For instance, Spectrum packages unfold these hiding factors.


Given that you have access to quality television, with authenticated channels of a vast variety, by credible cable and internet providers, alarming levels of calming and ease can be achieved from watching just the right sort of television. Television can be therapeutic in its true form, for it appeals to the major senses: sight and hearing – and gets through to one as well as any personal encounters. With Charter Spectrum TV that offers a wide variety of the latest, top-rated channels and credible programs of a good selection online, you can find the right sort, and begin to unravel.


With many channels and programs that teach yoga and calming exercises, watching and following them can be extremely therapeutic in many ways, and can help one learn and enhance patience and tolerance. It is scientifically proven that deep breathing exercises, Zen awakening exercises, and meditation have a great effect on our tolerance levels, and in turn, the violence that we may be capable of.
Watching lighthearted, rom-com movies and following similar shows can be extremely rejuvenating emotionally and may also release the “happy” hormones such as serotonin and norepinephrine, which also have a huge impact on our general mental capacities – and may increase our tolerance and threshold before we resort to violence.
Considering humans, it is impossible to gauge the right impact of a certain thing at a certain time on a certain habit, but it is surely easy to judge on a wholesome level how positive things will affect us – and help us remain more positive. Television, in this particular factor, can result in both – helping us both learn and unlearn violence – depending on the type of content we are exposed to.
Choosing the right content means subscribing to and following life-affirming and positively influential channels, programs, movies, and shows. Since watching television is something that’s now officially embedded in our daily routines, the influence that it may have on us every day and on a long-term level is surprising – which is precisely why it has the power to help us unlearn negative habits that may be socially conditioned into us, violence being a good example of it.
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