How To Do Local SEO for Local Business

If you are running your own blog, business or if you on your own do the online marketing, you must be knowing that what challenges you face while doing the SEO. But if you are doing a local business, you need to do a local SEO and local SEO is different from the average SEO that you do on regular basis.

Today I am going to tell you how to do local SEO for local business. There are many Web Development Company‘s that do local SEO in order to optimize their site for all the customers and clients who may search for their local business anytime.
You must be knowing that the competition in the market is very high, and in order to be in the race, you have to compete with your competitors. You have to find out that what local SEO strategies they are applying, how they are doing the local SEO, how they are engaging the customers and so on.
Moving further, below is the list of top 5 Local SEO strategies for local business. If you really want to see your business grow, then it is highly recommended that you must follow these strategies.
Top 5 Local SEO Strategies for Local Business?
1. Long Title with Keyword and Meta Description with Keyword:
You must be wondering that does title really matters? Yes, it does! Your focused keyword must be in the title. For example, if I am searching a local business and I can see the thing that I want in the title only, I will click on it instantly. This is why titles and meta description really matters. If your title and meta description does not have any power, then it will be tough to grow the business.
2. You should use “Google My Business”:
If you don’t know what Google My Business is, let me tell you. Basically, Google My Business is a complete directory, but it is having a different section for those who want to use it for their business. Google My Business is free to use and if you will claim it for your business, you can get incredible exposure.
In order to claim your “Google My Business”, you need to follow these steps:
  • ·        Complete the verification procedure by filling up all the necessary information.
  • ·        Once the verification is done, you will receive a post card from Google with PIN to your business address.
  • ·        After this, you need to login and enter the PIN. When you will enter the PIN, your business will get verified.


local SEO for local business
3. Take online reviews seriously:
Previously online marketing was not taken so much seriously, but since business owners are realizing the actual value of online reviews from their customers, they are spreading awareness among their targeted audience. According to a recent survey, every seven out of ten customers is going to review your business online. So, if still you are not taking online reviews, it is time to start it.
4. Local Directory Listing is Mandatory:
If you want your business to grow fast, it is mandatory to list it down on the local directory listing sites like Indiamart or Just Dial. From there you will be able to see that who are looking for the services that you provide. You can directly contact the customer and ask them about their requirements.
5. Get NAP Citations:
You must be wondering that what NAP is. NAP stands for Name, Address and Phone number. It is very important to provide all the necessary details so that your customers can reach to you more easily.
Mentioned above are the top 5 ways of how to do local SEO for local business! I hope you will surely apply these factors while doing the SEO. Put all your efforts into your business and it will surely grow fast! Good Luck!
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I am Shreya Srivastava, a passionate blogger | Content Writer | SEO Expert. Blogging is not my work, it’s my passion! You can check out my work at Techoroid

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