Top Productivity Apps For iOS 2018

Productivity Apps for iOS: Nowadays, Everyone is having a lot of work and even 24 hrs are not sufficient to complete a work. Technology is improving a lot to reduce the work and make it simpler to complete the job. In fact, you will be thinking that there are millions of apps in the App store which one to choose the best out of it. Actually, Here you can find the Best productivity app for iOS that will make your work simple and complete in Short time.

What is Productivity Software or Apps?

Most of them will have a doubt, What is Productivity Apps? and it is a basic question to ask. In simple Words to say about the Productivity Software or Apps is which helps the user to produce things with Spreadsheet, documents, presentation, Graphs, to-do list, calendar etc.

Productivity apps for iOS

Actually, Speaking of Productivity App it based onto two types Office productivity and Mobile productivity apps. Office Productivity apps are like a spreadsheet, documents, Presentation. Mobile Productivity apps are like To-do list, calendars, e-mail, notes etc. The definition of the productivity software depends on the way of the application that helps the user.

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Best Productivity Apps for iOS 2018.

Let’s see the best productivity apps for iOS that really helps the user to reduce the work in efficient ways.

Google Docs

Google Docs is the Best productivity app for iOS in terms of Sheets, Document creating and presentation. It makes us easy and comfortable to make your document more professional. You will not be in need of any memory space on your mobile phone all the data will be stored online. All you need is an internet connection and a device, you can open your document anywhere in the world. Also, It supports many languages like Dutch, Finnish, Galician, German, Greek, Czech etc.

Google Docs a productivity app for iOS


Forest is the best app for an time management to complete a work. It uses a Pomodoro technique. Forest has made a place in the best productivity app for iOS for the interest in nature. The App is to build a forest of the tree is that the time you have been productive for weeks. Once you started the app, you cannot view the text message, call or visit sites. It will make you concentrate on your work without Pubbing around the Phone.

Forest a Productivity app for iOS

Google Keep

Almost all of them has a lot of work to do daily, we can't remember all of them daily. For you
People, the Google Keep is there. Here you can write the task on the note and pin it on the screen. It will be on the screen till the task is completed. After completing the task you can delete the note.

Google Keep a Productivity app for iOS

Email- Fast & Secure mail for Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo

Email takes away all the stress from managing mailbox; making the task incredibly simple. Nowadays, even emails are coming with an inbuilt assistant to keep an eye on expenses, shopping, and travel.

You can unsubscribe from junk, snooze messages and even undo sent mail. It also discovers and suggests HTML signature from your sent box. The app supports Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook, Office/ Outlook 365, Exchange and AOL, IMAP mail accounts, etc.


Siteblock has a reason to enter the best productivity apps for iOS. Let see what capability it has. Most of them have a habit of checking facebook, twitter, and over loveable websites frequently. Even though we were working on some important task.

Due to this we will lose our concentration or focus on the work what we were doing. In order to avoid that, site block is used. It is a chrome plugin helps to block the site you are loved to watch for a period of time you set. Until that you can’t open the website and you will focus on work you were doing.


1Password by seeing the name you would have come to an idea what it would be. Ya, exactly it
helps you store the password in it. Everyone can’t remember all the password all the time you were entering a website or login page. It will not store the password in the vault it a lot a work. Each time enter your website it will ask you for saving the password. If you gave permission to save password from the next time it will automatically show the username and password for that website.

1Password a Productivity app for iOS

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In this world, Most of them have a habit of the hearing story rather than reading the books. I would sleep if continued to read the book for more than 15 minutes but I can hear a story for an hour. This app is for the person who loves to hear the story rather than reading it like me. It will summarize and read the book for you within 15 minutes. You can read many books a week with the help of this app.

Blinkist a Productivity app for iOS


I hope that you would have got an idea about the Best Productivity App for iOS and how it is helpful to you. If you want to know more about the apps specification or want to review any particular apps. just feel free


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