How Digital Marketing Takes Over Traditional Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

As we know that massive internet usage and digital media give rise to a new marketing concept that is Digital Marketing. As we can see now a day’s people are more active on the internet that is social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and other platforms like YouTube. Because of this marketers have upgraded their marketing techniques from traditional marketing to digital marketing.
Traditional Marketing is quite similar to digital marketing because in the traditional way we used to promote our product and services via banners, posters, through sales etc, but in Digital Marketing well the concept is same but the implementation is different as we can promotion various website were millions of people use to visit. So that’s what Digital Marketing is.

In the past few years, this marketing way has increased vastly as this gives the marketers an option to whom they want to show their ads. They can optimize their ads by gender, education qualification, marital status, area optimization etc. Through this, they can control their budget and will pay only when someone clicks on their ads so that’s the beauty of Digital Marketing.

How Startup Entrepreneurs would benefit from Digital Marketing.
As discussed above digital marketing means running an ad on different websites like Facebook, Google and Google Partners site like YouTube etc. Different types of digital marketing methods are given below:

       1.    Email Marketing:

This is one of the commonly used method of online marketing. Through this we can enhance business communication, it’s cost effective either. Through this one can stay active with their customers while promoting their business.

       2.   Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

It means promoting your content on Google Search result and optimizing your content so that it appears on the first page on SERP. Since there are different ways of optimizing like On-Page optimization and Off-Page optimization. Since on page means optimizing the web page content like writing meta tags, factors for writing the content, image optimization etc.

Similarly Off-page optimization means creating Do-Follow and No-Follow backlinks with other sites of same niche having high domain authority and page authority with less spam score.

        3.   Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Since SEO process is a bit slow so if a company wants to get the lead from day 1 then they can run ads on Google SERP and on Google Partners Site. For that Google provides a tool Adword through which we can make different types of campaigns like Search, Display, Shopping ads, YouTube Ads etc. Each Campaign has different bidding strategies. Ranking on Google SERP depends on the Quality Score of Ads.

        4.   Pay Per Click (PPC):

PPC is quite similar to Search engine marketing. But the only difference is PPC means running an ad on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin etc. Click Through Rate (CTR) determines the performance of your ads and you have to pay only when someone clicks on your ads. Through PPC one can generate faster results by showing ads to the right person at the right time that’s the beauty of PPC.

        5.   Social Media Marketing:

Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can be used to run ads for different objectives like lead generation, brand awareness, reach etc. Since we know that now a day’s most of the people are active on these platforms especially Facebook as it is also known as the third largest country with millions of people online. So marketers mostly target such platforms, especially for their brand awareness. Although they can reach people through organic way since it’s a bit slow process so we can also run ads on such platforms an even we can optimize them through an area, gender, age, marital status, demography etc.

How Startup Entrepreneurs would benefit from Digital Marketing.

As Discussed above we can see how traditional marketing is shifting to digital marketing. This thing is really beneficial for startup entrepreneurs as they can start their business from day 1 without building links with other companies as control is in their own hands, even they don’t need any physical location and they can manage their costing according to their budget. That’s the big advantage to digital marketing.

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