Complete Details and Guide of Facebook Research App to Earn 5 to 700$ a Month

Hello guys today we will tell you about an app which gives 5$ for just keeping the app installed in your phone. Not only that, This app also gives 15$ per successful refer.

You might be thinking what successful refer is? A successful refer means a person referred by you and the person has kept the app installed in his device for at least 20 days. Yes, this is the minimum eligibility criteria for a successful referral and the app is Facebook research app.

However, Google also launched its first UPI payments app(Tez) for India and for its promotion, They are giving Rs 50 for signup and Rs 51 per refer. You can check Tez refer and earn details here.

How much time will i have to keep the Facebook research app installed on my phone?

You need to keep the app for at least 30 days to get paid and as far as the Facebook research app is uninstalled from your device, Your account will be deleted and you will not receive money. You can earn as much as you want, yes there is no limit on referrals. If you keep the Facebook research app installed for 10 months, you will be paid for all the 10 months by or on 16th of every month. So it all depends on you, For how much of time you want to keep the app installed on your device. As per that you will be paid.
 Earn 5 to 700$ a Month with facebook research app

What actually Facebook research app is meant for?

Facebook research app is similar to Mobile expression app but there was no referral program in that and the amount we were paid every month was around 3$. Facebook research app monitors network data to know how most people in India use the internet, Social media and online marketplaces.
Before a few years ago, Offline surveys used to help in this regard. But as we all know, now the online system has completely changed the offline system. So surveys are also online, but you may lie on some questions during a survey. But you cannot lie here as the app itself monitors everything they would like to ask you or anyone.

How much I will be paid for a month?

You will be paid as per your work. Yes, Facebook research app pays 5$ for a month but they also pay 15$ per refer, which means you will be paid for your referrals as well. so if you will work hard and refer it to 10 friends, you will be paid 155$ for that month. In the next month, if you will refer 7 friends, you will be paid 60$ for that month. As the refrall amount decreases from the second month of joining. But a bonus of 20$ on every 5 referrals is also given that means if you refer 10 friends, you will get 40$ as bonus and 50$ for referrals as refer amount. But remember, you will get 5$ at least on 16th of every month.

How i will be paid?

This is the most important question as many research apps like mobile expression used to pay amazon gift cards. But here you will be paid via PayPal. If you don’t know about PayPal, read about PayPal here. Facebook research app/applause will send you the money in your PayPal account and then you can transfer that in your bank account. So indirectly Facebook research app/applause will send you your earnings in your bank account.

Not only that, the minimum payout amount is 5$. So you can redeem/payout your earnings every month. The program has not mentioned any deadline/expiration yet, so for now you can earn unlimited money.

How to Join Facebook Research program?

In order to join Facebook research, You need to be referred by someone. If you want to be referred, which you probably will be. Comment your email id and name or WhatsApp, your name and email id on +917889385450, we will refer you. You will get a form in an Email from Facebook research Program within 10 minutes. Fill that form and submit.
Earn with facebook research app

Now you will get an app link, Download the app via that link and you will get a unique installation code in that email. Put that while installing the app and allow all permissions and allow usage access. Now open Facebook research app and you will see installation successful and key like icon on the top left side of your screen. Which is a kind of a VPN and means the app is working properly. You will be guided by us step by step on WhatsApp.  However, you can also watch our video tutorial below.

Who is eligible for Facebook Research program or What is the eligibility criteria of this program.

People mainly from India and the US are eligible for this program. However, people from other countries may also like to give it a try as they want some people from other countries too. But the focus is clearly on the citizens of US and Indians. Pakistanis are not eligible for this program as the money/earnings are paid via PayPal. Unfortunately, PayPal is banned in Pakistan.

Further, You must have an android phone with android version marshmallow or 6+. You must have a Pan Card as, without Pan Card, you will not be able to get money in your PayPal account. Further, your PayPal account must be fully approved, Otherwise, you will not be paid. However, There is no age limit for this program. So teenagers/Below 18 years can also apply.

How To refer friends.

You will get your referral link in first or second  email from Facebook research and there will be written, click to refer. Click on that and a form will appear/popup. Fill the details carefully as in first two rows, You need to fill your own details and then your friends/referrals details.

Your referral will get an Email from Facebook research program within 24 hours and they need to fill proper details as per PayPal/Pan Card. Further, they have to follow the same steps  which we have mentioned above.

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