How to Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drive

External hard drives have many applications. You can use them for keeping private data away from others, creating backups, or carrying a large number of files when traveling, etc. However, their efficiency and reliability are greatly dependent on the brand itself.

For instance, Western Digital (WD) external hard drives are considered highly reliable and safe for storing backups or important company/personal data, etc. However, even with them, 100% protection is never guaranteed and one can lose data from the WD hard drive storage. So this blog explains safe and secure Data Recovery from Western Digital Hard Drive.

Data Loss in WD External Hard Drives.

Although WD is a hallmark of durability and reliance when it comes to data storage devices, even a Western Digital Hard Drive isn’t entirely safe from common data loss problems.
These include:

· Accidental deletion of files.

· Hard drive USB removal during data transfer.

· Malware or virus attacks.

· Improper formatting of a hard drive partition.

· Data corruption.

WD External Hard Drive Recovery Process.

Although it’s not difficult to achieve safe Data Recovery from Western Digital Hard Drive, you do need specialized software for that such as Stellar Windows Data Recovery software. The software allows you to recover all kinds of files viz. emails, multimedia files, etc. It also comes with a “deep scan” feature which can locate files even on the most corrupted hard drives. Other noteworthy features of this program are:

 Data recovery from encrypted hard drives.

 Hard drive image creation for devices with bad sectors.

 Bootable disc support.

 100% safe and hassle-free service.

Recover Data from Western Digital Hard Drive

What if the Western Digital External Hard Drive is in Warranty and not Recognized?

If your computer doesn’t recognize your WD external hard drive, then you can try a variety of methods to resolve the problem:

· Using a new USB cable.

· Running a full virus scan on your computer

· Running the chkdsk program by opening the command prompt (found by entering “cmd” in Windows search box) and entering the command “chkdsk /f F:” (ignore quotes, and replace F with the drive letter of the WD external hard drive).

If these methods don’t work, then it’s possible that it’s an issue of hardware malfunction in which case you need to get a replacement for your external hard drive. However, the problem with this is that you won’t get the data stored on the device although you will get a fresh and full-functional external hard drive.

Here is what you need to do- you can submit the damaged external hard drive to a reliable data recovery service provider for the data recovery. After recovering your data, you can submit the device to WD service center for the replacement.

To ensure a hassle-free hard drive replacement when you also want a data recovery service, you have to follow a certain protocol. So, to claim a WD external hard drive replacement in the warranty period, follow these steps:

· Send an email to WD and ask them to give approval for your external hard drive’s data recovery from Stellar.

· In most cases, you won’t have any problem getting a nod. Once you have the consent in writing, you can submit the WD external hard drive to data recovery.

· Stellar will perform the data recovery process on your WD external hard drive in a specialized class 100 clean room for safe and 100% data recovery and issue a certificate of
the same upon completion.

· You can now submit the external hard drive to the WD service center along with the data recovery certificate. This way, the warranty won’t be void, and at the same time, you won’t have to compromise on the stored files either.

WD External Hard Drive Data Loss Prevention Tips.

To minimize the risk of losing your important data stored on a WD external hard drive, keep the following things in mind:

· Virus attacks are one of the most common reasons behind hard drive data loss. In fact, in some cases, WD external hard drive recovery is nearly impossible without professional help.
Thus, you must install a reliable antivirus program on your computer that offers comprehensive protection. You should also avoid using your external hard drive with unsafe computers and laptops.

· Take utmost care when creating a partition on WD external hard drive. If a power failure occurs during the process or if there is some other kind of interruption, then it can result in partial or full data loss.

· Never remove a WD external hard drive from a computer directly. Instead, select the “safely remove” option from the taskbar and then remove, just to be on the safe side. However, If the above-mentioned process will not work, which usually doesn’t happen. You can read this to know about 5 softwares that helps you to recover deleted data without pc and with pc.


In most cases of WD external hard drive data loss, recovery is possible. However, it’s critical to identify the problem and take the right steps accordingly. If the device is still under warranty, then you can follow the above procedure for safe data recovery and a successful replacement for all major hard drive manufacturer.

Stellar data recovery is one of the most reputed data recovery service providers to offer 100% data recovery service not just for hard drives, but also many other storage media devices including SD Card, SSDs, Laptops, RAID Servers, etc. For more information, you can visit their official website.


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