5 best portable speakers for your phone

Portable speakers make it possible to enjoy a cleaner and more spacious sound that are capable of delivering speakers built into a smartphone. Also, they save the phone charge, and some models can act as a portable charge, so the demand for the acoustics of this category is always great. But, because of the wide variety of models offered, choosing the best option is not always easy. We studied the characteristics of all portable speakers for phones that went on sale in 2017 and identified the best from them. You can read about their advantages, disadvantages and main characteristics of our article.

GZ electronics LoftSound GZ-55 – powerful pocket Bluetooth speaker

More than a compact wireless model, weighing about 200 grams, it hides two active speakers with a playback power of 10 watts and one passive radiator. In combination, they create powerful stereo sound with rich bass reproduction.

The column is made in the form of a smartphone and decorated with durable fabric resistant to abrasion. Due to the AUX port, it is great not only for use with a smartphone but also with a tablet, laptop or PC.


  • built-in microphone and speakerphone function;
  • time of uninterrupted battery life can reach 10 hours;
  • a push-button control unit responsible for rewinding tracks, turning on a column and receiving incoming calls;
  • NFC support;
  • the diameter of the working distance of the Bluetooth connection is 15 m;
  • Indication showing the activity of the column and the charge level of the battery.


  • time to fully charge the device is 3 hours;
  • The microphone does not do its job well in noisy places.

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DEXP P250 – Portable Speakers with Hands-free Function

Speaker with stereo DEXP P250 allows you to listen to music simultaneously and fully communicate by phone, thanks to a hidden microphone. It is equipped with surround speakers with a total power of 10 W and an additional slot for a microSD card.

In addition to the Bluetooth connection, there is the possibility of a wired connection to the phone via the standard mini-jack connector (3.5 mm).


  • FM radio support;
  • presence on the back of a small subwoofer;
  • built-in clock with the ability to set the alarm mode;
  • Acceptable price. On average, you will have to pay 1,700 rubles for the purchase of this device;
  • volume buttons on the control unit, which are conveniently located on the top panel.


  • at the maximum volume the sound is noticeably distorted;
  • the lack of bundled audio cable;
  • Heavy. Device weight 800 g

JBL Charge 3 Special Edition – waterproof model with Power Bank feature

The JBL Charge 3 Special Edition wireless speaker is distinguished from similar manufacturers from other manufacturers by splash protection. It can be safely used outdoors in the rain or placed near the pools.

The column is designed to play music through the Bluetooth port and telephone. The built-in microphone is equipped with an active noise reduction system that provides accurate voice transmission.


  • the column can be connected via Bluetooth to three smartphones or other mobile devices at once;
  • continuous work time is 15 hours;
  • full compatibility with devices based on Android and iOS;
  • the capacious battery used for the phone as a portable charger.


  • high cost,
  • An equalizer is required to adjust the balanced sound.

Qumo X4 – compact column with Russified voice alert system

he stylish speaker, made in matte dark colors, is distinguished by its ergonomic design and high-quality sound, the purity of which is maintained even at the highest volume level.

We managed to fit one passive speaker for reproducing bass and a pair of speakers with a total power of 6 watts into the compact case of the device.


  • The main feature of this model is the prompt voice system, which notifies about the battery charge level and device operation;
  • steady Bluetooth signal at a distance from the source up to 12 m;
  • the ability to connect speakers through a USB cable or AUX;
  • the presence of a slot for a memory card;
  • the price of this model is not more than 1 thousand rubles.


  • continuous playback period of about 5 hours;
  • muffled sound and pronounced high frequencies.

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Sony SRS-X11 – the smallest portable model

The height and width of the cube-shaped column do not exceed 6 cm. But, despite the minimum dimensions, it was possible to embed three 46 mm loudspeakers, which were placed on three sides of the case, into the device case.

This also included a capacious battery that provides almost 12 hours of continuous operation of the device. Using this model, the user can listen to music in two modes: mono and stereo.


  • the ability to connect to the speaker at once two phones;
  • the uniform sound mode, which allows you to increase the playback power for large rooms;
  • the weight of the device is not more than 200 g;
  • hands-free mode, through which you can answer calls without touching the phone.


  • unexpressed bass
  • price


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