Facebook Video Monetization aka Ad Breaks Launched in India

Facebook Has Been Expanding Its Video Monetization programme From the very first day of its launch. However, It wasn’t available to India till Yesterday. You Might Be thinking why it wasn’t available in India. The Reason Behind it was The Users/population of India. India is having nearly 10% of the world population and considering the languages Indians speak are more than 30. So it was a big challenge to launch this programme in such a populated country at a time. So you might face some issues in the beginning.

Facebook Video Monetization

Now a question might have struck your head that what kind of issues? Issues Like ads are not showing or impressions are not showing the correct number. But this is not compulsory that these will be your issues, so before thinking that your facebook videos are having issues with Facebook. Check out the Full Eligibility criteria to show ads after your page is approved for ad breaks and if you don’t know the eligibility criteria of a page to get ad breaks, or you don’t the basic of Ad Breaks, Click to Read This Guide and if you are new to Online field then I will suggest you check these Online Earning methods as well.

Eligibility Criteria To Show Ads in your Facebook Videos:

In order to show ads in between your videos, Your video Must be of more than 3 minutes. Which Means the length of the video you are uploading should be 3 minutes or more. Videos Should be Your own made or the owner should have given you the permission for its commercial use.

How To Add Ad-Breaks in Your Videos?

If You are uploading your videos on facebook via your facebook account which most of us do, Then you need to change the way you upload your videos. In order to add ad-breaks in your videos, You need to use the creator studio, so for that open https://business.facebook.com/creator/studio in your browser and Sign in. Now If You own many pages, select the one which eligible for the ad breaks and click on the upload video as shown in the image below.

Complete Guide of Facebook Ad Breaks

Now again you will be asked to select the page where you want to upload the video, So select your page. Finally, you will see a screen like in the image below. There you can select how to add ads in your videos (Automatic placements or You Can Choose placements by yourself).

Facebook ad breaks in India

To Choose placements to click on ad Breaks and choose the ad placements, However, I prefer to leave that as it is. After all these things, Your video will go in the review. However, your Facebook followers will be able to watch the video in the meantime and once the video is approved by the Facebook team ads will start to appear in your videos. But keep a thing in your mind, Review of videos takes some time and if you are getting a good number of views on your videos, then you might get it quickly reviewed.

You can also select your videos manually to show ads, in Other words, you have total control over the videos you want to monetize or to show ads.

Where will I find the videos which have ad-breaks enabled:

You can find all the videos you have uploaded on your facebook page via creator studio in creator studio’s Content library. For that, you need to go to monetization, which you will find on the left side of your screen/menu. There will be a list of videos which will be having the videos which are showing ads, videos which are under review and videos which were rejected or which were not monetized by the admin(you). \

However, you can monetize your already uploaded videos by selecting that post in the content library, click on edit post and then there you have to click on ad breaks and turn it on.

How To Add Payment Method In Your Facebook Page?

This is very simple, But If you are here you might be facing any issue. So let me clear it. Go to Monetization and there you will find payout settings option, click on it and add your payments detail.

If we will Use others video without their permission, Will facebook send us copyright Notice?

Yes, If you will use others videos without their consent, Facebook will send you the copyright notice.

How do we get copyright notice on facebook?

If you haven’t monetized that video, the owner will block your video and that will be unpublished but if you continue to use others videos without their permission. You might lose your monetization eligibility for ever. So its better to avoid uploading their videos without their permission.

Does Facebook have any copyright free music/songs?

Yes, Facebook has a library of right free/commercial usable songs which you can use in your videos and you will not get any copyright and all the songs are free to use.

Extra Tip: You can apply for rights manager, this will help you to track and block your videos if uploaded by others. In other words, if your videos are uploaded by someone else on Facebook and you also have a facebook page and has rights manager, you can track and block that video on their page and the video will be unpublished on their facebook page. But those who don’t have rights manager, they email facebook about their video which was/is uploaded by someone else.

There are many other basic things of Facebook video ads but i cannot cover that all in one topic and if you think I left anything about Facebook video ads/facebook ad breaks let me know in comments and also if you have any query regarding facebook video ad-breaks let me know in comments.


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