Facebook Ad Breaks or Video Monetization Introduction

Facebook Ad Breaks which is also known as Video monetization is the first of its kind. Facebook Video monetization allows creators to upload their videos on their facebook pages and monetize them. This helps them to make some revenue while the users of facebook enjoy the stuff.

We all know, Facebook is widely used across the globe and in order to keep their users engaged, They always introduce new features and this was one among them. But this is gonna change the way we use social media as they have added some awesome features with it and some of them are watch party, which lets you invite friends and you can watch a video with them and others can also watch with you whatever you are watching. Isn’t it awesome?

Monetize With Ad Breaks

Coming to our main topic that is how creators will get benefit from this?

As the users on Facebook like to watch all this stuff and they are already there on Facebook. So you don’t need to find your audience and whatever you will share if it’s unique and entertaining or contains any social message they will love to watch it. But it has criteria which every creator has to qualify in order to be able to apply for ad breaks.

What is the Eligibility Criteria to apply for Facebook Video monetization?

In order to apply for video monetization, A creator should have a Facebook Page with at least 10000 Followers and 30000 watch Minutes. After fulfilling these criteria, a creator can apply for ad breaks and this is not yet over. Whenever he will upload a video, his video will be reviewed by Facebook and if they will pass it then ads will be shown in his videos.

How To Apply For Facebook Ad Breaks?

Go to https://www.facebook.com/business/m/join-ad-breaks and Wait for the page to load. Now it will show you the pages which are eligible for video monetization and now click on ad breaks and you will be redirected to the next page. There you will have to fill all the required details like your personal details and payment details.

After all this, you need to go to creator studio and follow the steps which I have mentioned in our next article on Facebook Video Monetization/ Ad Breaks. In that article, You will get to know about how to add ads in videos, How to check which video is eligible and which isn’t and you will also get information about copyrights.

In Short, Check our ultimate guide of Facebook Video Monetization


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