Father Of PubG-A New Game Is Soon Going To Launch

PubG is one of the best Games available to us and is also in the list of top 10 Games of 2019. But it is not number one game anymore in the Gaming world. Yes, You heard it right before I will tell you the number one game which outranked the PubG.

Number One Game of 2017:

Let’s have a look at the number one game of 2017. If we will talk about India then the number one game of 2017 was the clash of clans, But if we will talk about the western countries like USA, UK or even China then the number one game was Pokemon Go and the Number one game of 2019 which is not launched yet will be of the same type, But here humans will be used instead of pokemons.

Future of Gaming

Who Will Launch This Game Which Will Outrank The PubG:

Father.io is going to launch a new game, where a group of people can play simultaneously and it will be like PubG but if you will want to shoot anyone you need to run in real and follow him in real and then you can hold your mobile phone in front of him and click on the shoot. He will not die in real but he will surely die in the game and will lose. 

So whoever will stay alive till the end will win. A team Battle will also be there, but the best part of the game is that it has good graphics and you will have to run. So surely you will stay healthy as well as if we will talk about the current games, We all have become lazy. Below is the Trial video of the Game Have a Look


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