Google Maps Is Adding Some Awesome Features-A Must Know Features

Google has been continuously adding more and more features to its products and it’s not new. But what is new is, Google from last 2 years is adding some extraordinary features to its products. Some of the latest features they have introduced recently is an auto prediction of sentences in Google mail aka Gmail.

When Talking about Google Maps, they have recently introduced bike mode in India. But what we are talking about here is beyond your expectations, It’s a real view of streets and is called Visual Positioning System.

What is Visual Positioning System Of Google Maps:

The Visual Positioning System uses your phone’s camera and displays the same street on your phone screen. It also shows the famous shops, restaurants, and places which are on google map on your screen.

Google Maps Updated Version VPS

Not only that if a cat is crossing the road it will also show you that as well, and shows the directions to your destination on your phone’s screen while showing the real-time objects on the road as well like buildings, shops, animals, people etc. It will guide you to your destination as a real person is guiding you.

When This Feature Will Be Added To Google Maps:

In 2019, Tech Helpers is expecting this feature to be live in Google Maps, But at first, this feature will be introduced in United States Of America. This is obvious Because Google launches all its product features in America first. By the end of 2019, we can expect this feature to be added in Google Maps India.  You can Watch the test video of this feature below.




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