Some Chinese Tech Which Will Blow Your Mind

While the world is working on Artificial Intelligence to automate the maximum work. China on the other hands is crossing all the limits of technology. Before a few days, Chinese media published a news about the artificial moon.

Artificial Moon:

Yes, China is going to launch an artificial moon in the sky. This is not a new thing for china as they are also working on the artificial Sun, which would provide enough energy to enlight the whole China for……… years. If you are a history/current affairs lover, then you might be aware of the CPEC, it’s China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

You must be thinking, what is the relation between technology and CPEC. As per Tech Helpers, This is the largest project
ever done by any humans. Which is also considered to boost Asia economically and may give a blow to the USA. This project was started
by the Chinese government and by these things you can guess what China is doing and what is their capabilities and capacity for growth.

Some Awesome Chinese Tech which will blow your mind

Coming to our main topic that is the artificial Moon, as per them they are launching an artificial moon for sightseeing. But
later it might have any connection with the artificial sun.

Because we all know the moon attracts the sea and the earth to balance all the things, by creating an artificial sun may produce some extra force. They have been working On artificial sun from a very long time, but they couldn’t produce the desired amount of energy. But that doesn’t mean they failed, they tried hard and achieved a milestone of getting 000-degree Celcius of heat.

Display/Glass Bridges:

When talking about technology in China, They recently created new galls bridges, which are not actually glass bridges. These are the transparent display bridges, When people walk on them they show cracks on them and sound of cracking the glass is also played which makes people scream. Check the video below.


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