Awesome New Features Of WhatsApp

Whatsapp is continuously adding new features and is giving a tough competition to other social messaging apps like IMO and Telegram. This is because they are able to attract people to use their app and people also use Whatsapp for different purposes. Mostly youth are using for group communication as don’t need to send a single message to everyone separately and a lot of people want to give an attractive name to their WhatsApp group.

So I recommend you to check our list of 100 WhatsApp group names. Now coming to our main topic that is Whatsapp’s new features like group video calling, group control and Search particular conversations. There are many other WhatsApp features which were introduced in mid-2018, you can check them here.

What is Group Calling:

Group Calling is a feature which lets you make a conference call but all will be done WhatsApp. In simple words, When you call a particular person, you will have an icon as shown below, After clicking on the icon you can add another person to the call. So all the three persons on call can discuss anything.

What is Group Control and How To Use This Feature?

Earlier, Admins of any group had only one control and that was they could remove a person. But after this feature, an admin can let anyone edit the group name and description. Even members of the group cannot message in the group until and unless an admin can grant them permission. In Simple words, without your permission, not a single person can message in the group and no-one can change the group and description.

New Features of Whatsapp 2019

If you want to set up this feature, Open your group and Goto group settings scroll bit there you will see who can message, click on only admins. There will be another thing, who can change the group description, Click on only admins. Now you are all set, not a single person can send a message to your WhatsApp group.

What is Search Filter and How To Use it?

Search Filter lets you filter or search a particular conversation with a particular person. In Order to find a particular conversation, Click on as shown in the pic below, Now type the mobile number or the name with which that contact is saved and press enter. For example, I have saved +9178893****0 as Tech Helpers, I will click on the filter/search and will write Tech Helpers, instead of +9178893****0.

Not Only Whatsapp has added more attractive and useful features. Whole Tech is upgrading like we couldn’t expect. If you are a movie lover especially time traveler movies, Then it’s like we are in 2018 but the tech we have is from 2030. Time is moving like the sand is slipping out from the hands.

The top countries which are really ahead of the actual time with respect to technology are Japan, USA and the fastest growing country China. You must be thinking, an Asian country, yes China is working on the stuff about which the USA would not be able to think of. China is working on artificial Sun, Moon and some other crazy things, check them here. So overall Technology is upgrading very fast.


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