IMO is Adding New Features Including Online Movie Streaming

IMO is Going to test some new features and these features are really cool. These Features were already expected by Tech Helpers and even there is not an even official announcement. But as we mentioned above Tech Helpers already predicted the new features that IMO will add in their apps. These features include group filter and Online Movie and dramas Streaming.

IMO Added new features 2019

This Feature may be released by the end January¬†2019 as it is under development and this feature was released to test for beta users and same was informed by OMovieDownloads. This site will be having a channel in IMO which other IMO users can join and the channel admin will provide the online streaming of the latest movies dramas through that channel. This is really a good feature as you will get all the movies via that channel and you don’t need to download any movie.

This feature is going to be live in India and they may add some other awesome features as well. So you search IMO beta in Google Play store.

Advantages Of IMO app.

IMO allows you to send mega files from one user to another.

Also, IMO has real-time writing, which lets you know what your friend is writing or erasing. In simple words, if your friend is writing hello, it will appear the same way he is writing like h e l l o and then you will receive the full word “hello”.

As Mentioned above, IMO lets you stream online movies on the app, so you need to visit any other movie site like Netflix and amazon prime to pay for the movies.

The Video call quality of IMO app is very good. Not only good, its better than WhatsApp. But Whatsapp has more features than IMO, Check them here.


Disadvantages of IMO app.

There are a few disadvantages of IMO app (latest version) and these are:

Worst UI(User Interface): The Interface of IMO app is so bad that it messes up. When you try to scroll, you mistakenly click on call button or recording button.

Too Many Annoying Ads: There are many annoying ads, which are the reason of messed UI. Most of the social media messaging apps are ad-free but IMO is not.



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