Top 5 Ways to Earn Paytm Cash!

Playing games and earning who could have imagined that being a thing well in today’s day and age anything is possible all thanks to the Internet. Which has made such a big world into a really small and connected place?

The age of digital cash and introduction of Paytm which took India by a storm has really made day to day transaction a ease and fun task from receiving cash back to a great discount on doing payments through paytm.


I have been using various apps over a period of time to Earn Paytm cash and so far I have been enjoying them and having a lot of fun over time with it so through my experience and according to the preferences I give you a list of top 5 Apps to earn paytm cash.

  1. PredCred

PredCred logo

If you are a die-hard fan of sports like Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Hockey then this app is for you they have a very easy to use user interface.In this app you can do cricket predictions,  football predictions, kabaddi predictions, once you start  you get preds- prediction points when you log in and you use them to predict on matches and for every correct prediction you win Creds-credit points you can use to redeem prizes like Paytm cash, Watches, Wallets, Bags, T-shirt and much more.


Before I get into more details I want to inform you with one amazing feature that they have with them that is refer and earn.  The Refer and Earn by PredCred is a very easy way to make instant paytm cash for every successful referral you make Rs. 5 . all you have to do is refer it to your friends and family and make sure they sign-up using your referral code after that tell them to do prediction once they have earned 3000 creds you get Rs.5 .

So what are you thinking?  Download and share PredCred app Link and win Paytm cash!

  1. SWOO – Live Games & Entertainment App:

swoo app


 This app is all about entertaining videos, live game shows, and cash prizes. The app has a cool 3 in 1 feature meaning 3 live game shows in one app. The three live game shows are SWOO Trivia, SWOO Bingo and SWOO Candy Krack.

–        SWOO Trivia: like any trivia game show you will have a host who will conduct the game show and questions will pop up on your screen , the host will ask 10 questions and you have to select the right answers within seconds it feels like playing fastest finger first, after completion of 10 questions assuming you have given all the answers correctly you will be entitled to win cash prize, prizes are distributed equally among the winners directly into your paytm wallet, there are chances when you can win the whole cash prize by yourself.

–        SWOO Bingo:  We all have played housie or Bingo whatever you prefer to call it when we were kids during those fun fairs and any family functions housie was the game to play it was and always will remain a game loved by all from kids to elders from. This app has the same concept as regular Housie or Bingo instead of playing with family or friends you get to play with thousands of people and on winning you get actual cash prizes directly into your paytm wallet.

–        SWOO Candy Krack:   Candy Krack it may sound very easy to play but it is a fast-paced game where you have to match the similar candies to crush them, similar to the above games you compete with thousands of players to win and successfully completing the level you win cash prizes.

  1. Bazi Now:


Bazi now is a live trivia game where you take live quiz & test your trivia skills. The game focuses on life so for every game you play you use one life. It takes place at 8:30 PM for Rs. 1,00,000 every day &  they also have an afternoon show that takes place at 1.00 PM for Rs. 20,000 Monday to Friday, Same as Swoo they also have a bingo game takes place at 4.30 PM for Rs. 20,000  and then  PollBaazi takes place  at 3:00 PM for 5,000 & at 9:00 PM for Rs. 10,000 daily, if you refer to anyone and they sign up with your reference you get an extra life to play. There are 10 seconds to answers each question in the trivia format. The Poll Bazzi has 8 question and 10 seconds per questions there are no correct or incorrect answers, the option with maximum consideration will be considered as the correct answer.
4.       Qureka:


It is a daily live quiz app that you can play every day for free, and win Rs.68,000 daily. It is an hourly format game from 9:00 AM to 10:30 PM. They also have a  knowledge booster quiz – every day at 11 AM where you get questions about news & current affairs. They also host a special theme-based quiz at 9:00 PM every night  basically from various themes like history, technology, mythology, sports out of all the themes one theme is selected and you get questions from that theme. There are various mini quizzes which take place daily with 3 questions. They also have a bonus feature that is you get extra Rs10 for answering all the questions quickly.

  1. Loco – Live Trivia Game Show:

 I think out of all the apps that I have mentioned this one might be the most well-known app hence I mentioned it in the last  Loco is a live trivia game show the game the game is conducted twice in a day once at 1:30 pm for Rs.50,000 and then at 10 pm for 1,00,000. The game is hosted by popular sports presenter Gaurav Kapoor. The Cash prize is divided in an equality between the winners and at the end of every match, there are hints for the next game or for the next day. The exciting part about loco is that for weekends the prizes are much higher and huge rewards are given.

So I hope you guys don’t wait for long and start playing on all the apps to earn some Paytm Cash  and more amazing prizes I like to use all the apps so this is not in any ranking format but I do have my personal favorite and hands down it has to be PREDCRED I am huge cricket and football fan and I have been predicting on various matches using this app and I have been winning various things from it.

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