What Is Artificial Intelligence-Its Types & How Does It Work

Artificial Intelligence (aka AI) is been used widely in China. Not only China is benefitting from Artificial Intelligence. Other Countries like USA, Japan, Germany, and the UK are also getting a lot of benefit from the ai.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is also known as the artificial brain which performs the actions/tasks like an actual human brain does. But here it cannot perform any task beyond the things which are programmed. In other words, if artificial intelligence is programmed to perform the ground level tasks and there is a problem in the air, It can’t do anything.

That is because of the division of artificial intelligence into subparts. Artificial Intelligence is sometimes called machine intelligence because of its cognitive skills of thought processing and analyzing to achieve the tasks successfully. Artificial Intelligence differs from the rest of the technology due to these cognitive skills. A movie was also made on artificial intelligence to show people what is the scope of AI.

Types Of Artificial Intelligence?

As we mentioned above Artificial Intelligence was divided into three parts, analytical, human-inspired, and humanized artificial intelligence. Analytical Artificial Intelligence works on its cognitive skills of learning from their past results and past tasks. But Human inspired artificial intelligence has the capability to work on the basis of human emotions and it’s past experiences(cognitive skill).

However, the last one that is humanized Artificial intelligence has all the required characteristics that would be enough to create an artificial brain or humanmade brain. yes you read it write, Humanized AI can understand emotions, can learn from past experiences but it also knows how to socialize with the people.

How Does AI work?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) works as other intelligence machines work. But as mentioned above, it also analyzes the task, to perform it in a better way. So what human used to do is done by a machine. Humans use their cognitive skill of learning, thinking and analyzing the task/problems and then perform the actions. But here all this are done by the machine intelligence. Overall the work of AI totally depends upon the type of the AI, that is mentioned above. If we are talking about the analytical AI, then it will follow the program and will also look at the previous tasks/past experience. In this way, it will calculate the program and the past experience to analyze the result. After analyzing, it will perform the task in such a way that it will have the maximum probability of getting success.

What is Artificial Intelligence

If It’s Human inspired AI, It will calculate the program, past experience and the emotions of the people connected to the task. After calculating all this, it will also analyze the results that it can get by executing the task in a particular manner.

Now as we also have a third part/category of AI. Humanized AI will perform the same way human inspired did. But it sometimes depends upon the task it has to perform. Let’s consider a robot is serving drinks to the people, this robot can execute in a better way if it has humanized artificial intelligence installed.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence.

There are limitless applications of Artificial Intelligence and can be used in any way and for anything. Like we mentioned above, China is using AI broadly. Especially Alibaba, which is a Chinese company use robots which work on AI. These robots don’t only work by themselves but they also charge their battery when it goes below 10%. So there is no need for a single person to take care of those robots.

These robots get a command that is a particular ordered item and they just need to get the product from the lakhs of products and give it to the shipment unit. For humans, this would take hours but they do this within minutes as they don’t forget the shelve number of a particular product nor do they require to check in a computer as they themselves are the storage/computers. Besides, that AI can be used in medicine as well. If the third category that is humanized AI will be used, it can help medical science in many ways. Not only that, even Google uses AI in google voice and it is only because of artificial Intelligence that our tech has upgraded so much especially social media messengers like IMO and WhatsApp.


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence doesn’t have a single advantage. AI has many advantages like It saves manpower, money and time. It’s quite understandable that the machine saves time and here if we can create an artificial brain, probably that brain will save the efforts of the human brain. Also, the machine works faster than the humans, which results in faster work and eventually it saves our money as well. There are many other advantages of artificial intelligence like due to it robotics is developing much faster than ever. Robotics is only possible with AI.

Disadvantages Of Artificial Intelligence.

There are not many disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence but that doesn’t mean there are not. Yes, we have some disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence like unemployment, failure of implementation. If you are thinking why I have mentioned unemployment, let us have a look at how machine intelligence replaces the human brain and a human being, which results in less manpower. Overall it has an impact on less employment generation and more unemployment.

Our second point failure of implementation, we can’t actually phrase it as a failure of implementation. But it actually has limited power to solve or to perform tasks. In 90’s When AI used to solve the problems they were able to do that but when I tried to solve bigger problems, it Failed.


History Of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence came into existence in 1956. Since then, it could have been developed rapidly but due to the lack of funds and people were not able to understand the benefits of AI. But as the need of artificial intelligence increased, Financers/Government organizations started to show their interest in Artificial intelligence and it started to grow and benefit people the way it was expected. Earlier AI was used in gaming to provide an opponent to a human player and since then it changed the millions of lives in many ways.


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