What is Cloud Storage and Its Benefits?

What is Cloud Storage?

Cloud Storage is a remote access storage which is simply a storage but it’s not physically present with you or on your bag etc. If you are confused, let’s make it more clear. If you are using Gmail, Facebook or any other social messaging app/website, Then you will be aware of one thing that is your data like messages, photos or stories remain there after you log out. Yes, that data is not stored on your PC or mobile phone. That data is stored on a cloud storage which is physically available at the office of that social media platform.

Now, most of the people are using cloud storages to store their personal data except those social media platforms and they don’t know. Yes, Most of the people are using Cloud storages like Google Drive, Amazon, mega and Microsoft but they don’t know. It is because Google drive and Microsoft automatically synchronizes all the data like photos and videos to save it. Cloud storage is simply the storage which is not physically present at your places like a memory card or hard disk. But you can store data in it as you do with Memory Card or Hard Disk. Organizations/companies which provide Cloud Storages have 100’s of zettabyte Storage and they let you use this storage and you can buy 15GB, 100GB and so on.

Advantages of Cloud Storage.

Cloud storages are best to store your personal data and this is because there are least chances of losing your personal data. If you have been using your phone or PC from a long time, then you might be aware of the data storage crashes and losing your precious data. Sometimes due to operating system problems, you just lose your personal data, Which you can recover with these recovery softwares, Check them here.  But you will not lose your data in cloud storages.

What Is Cloud Storage and What Are Its advantages

Cloud Storages never crash, However, sometimes due to some malicious files your data may get infected. But they take all the necessary precautions to make sure you don’t lose your precious data and due to this, the maximum data you can lose is 1%. Cloud storages let you write articles in real time. By this way, you will never lose your important articles. The app which lets you do this is ….

Disadvantages Of Cloud Storage.

There are not many disadvantages of cloud storages but the biggest disadvantage of cloud storage is you need to have a data connection to upload or to download your data. Now you will be thinking about how this is a disadvantage. Suppose you are in a village and you need to synchronize your data, But the internet speed there is very low. This low speed of internet will not let you synchronize the data.

The second disadvantage of cloud storage is you firstly need a physical memory to store the data. You can’t store the data directly in your cloud storage. This is not a big disadvantage but when you are out of memory this becomes a one.

The third disadvantage of the cloud storage is you are out of your internet pack. Yes, When you are out of internet pack, you will not be able to sync your data.

Best 5 Cloud Storages for Photos.

Google Drive.


Microsoft’s One Drive.




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