Difference Between SSD and HDD-Advantages Of SSD

Difference between SSD and HDD.

Before 2009 there was no SSD used as storage and only HDDs were used. Even DDR RAM’s had different categories like DDR 1, DDR2 and so on. DDR 1 RAM was the first among these. But in the passage of time, DDR 2 came into existence which was more reliable and fast. Current DDR RAM which used is in PC’s and Electronic gadgets is DDR 4. Even Giant companies/service providers like Google Drive, IMO, WhatsApp is using SSDs.

If your system is not working properly, you can’t blame the RAM. Because any machine whether its a PC, Laptop or your phone works on its configuration that consists of RAM, ROM/Hard disk, Processor and Graphics Card. If the configuration is unbalanced like RAM is 16GB and processor is dual core, It won’t run as per your expectations. In simple words, Any process or any task which you want do on your machine needs a particular configuration.

SSD vs HDD advantages and disadvantages

But when it doesn’t get that, it will not run smoothly. If we ill talk about PubG which is a popular game, it needs more than 3GB RAM. But what if we have 8GB RAM and p4 Processor, It won’t work.

Now coming to our main topic that is Difference between DDR RAM and SSD RAM.

  • SSD is more fast and reliable.
  • Whereas HDD is not so fast.
  • SSD Can act like the systems RAM which helps it to execute the programs more compatibility.
  • However, HDD can’t act like a RAM of the system.
  • SSDs are costly.
  • But HDDs are cheap as compare to SSDs.SSD doesn’t have the moving parts so there is no heat and no noise at all. Whileas HDD contain moving parts and may produce some heat and noise as well.
  • New Features are being added by many big companies. And Features Like Google’s Visual Positioning system may lag in HDD.

What Is SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. SSD don’t have any moving parts so its more reliable and is faster than HDD. Due to non-presence of any moving parts, It doesn’t corrupt and doesn’t face any failures. SSD is recommended for Gaming laptops and PC’s for it speed. It is a flash memory. SSD is good to store personal data in order to prevent to the data loss. But if you have ever deleted your data by mistake, have a look at the guide to restore deleted data.

What is HDD?

HDD is a HardDisk Drive which is used in most of the PCs and Laptops. But from a few years, SSD is used widely. The Future belongs to SSD, Becuase of its advantages.


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