Advantages Of Internet

When we talk about internet, we talk about the changed lifestyle by its evolution. Yes, the internet has changed our lives directly and indirectly. It helped us to communicate with the people of other countries which was not possible without it or would take many many months. But due to it, we can communicate with the people of other countries in real time. Not only this way, internet is responsible for the developed technology.

It might seem strange, but scientists and Engineers got a lot of benefit from the internet, which eventually saved their time. If there wouldn’t be internet there won’t be social messaging apps like IMO, Whatsapp etc. Nor would be tech evolved like this, you might be aware of the Artificial intelligence, Artificial Sun. We are totally dependent on the internet.

Advantages Of Internet

Advantages of internet.

We actually cannot count the advantages of internet. There are unnumbered advantages of internet, But there are some which changed our lives completely.

Communication: As we mentioned above, communication became easy. It’s like dream came true to make a video call to people far away from you. Another thing is social media messaging apps and sites. Social media apps/sites made it further easy to share media files with people away from you. Emails replaced mails, which usually took days or weeks. VoIP replaced the simple calling, which made the quality of voice better and is cheaper than simple calling.

Work: People started to earn from internet by many ways. There are many platforms on internet which pay for the skills of people. These platforms include Youtube, Facebook, Blogging and some apps also pay for promoting their services or apps.

Learning: People started to learn from internet and there are many platforms available for learning purposes. These platforms include Youtube and ByJus. In USA there are many other paid platforms which provide teaching stuff to people who subscribe to their services.

Teaching: People also started teaching different things on youtube and for that internet is required. In today’s world, you can get maximum results from google and youtube rather than books. I am not saying to avoid learning from books nor do I recommend google or youtube for learning purposes. But you can get results on internet faster than the books and that is the truth.

Cloud Storage: There are many service providers who provide online storages. These storages help us to store our data online. One of the advantages of cloud storage is that your data is safe and you will never lose it. There are many other features of Cloud storage, You Can check them here.


How To Check Your Internet Speed:

There are many ways to check the internet speed, But we will mention two ways to do so. If you are using android mobile, you can download NetVelocity app from playstore. This app is easy to use and it determines your probable internet speed. But if you are using PC/laptop you can go to and it automatically shows your max internet speed. But I would prefer the NetVelocity app over site if I have an android phone.

How To Fix Internet Speed in Jio or In Any Other Network?

In order to increase your internet speed, There are a few things which you have to follow. By following the first method, we can’t assure you that your internet speed will increase but you can give it a try as it worked for 78% people. But it will not work, you can follow our second method by which 96% of our testers got good internet speed in Jio.

  1. The first Method To Fix Internet Speed: Just go to your browser, clear all the cache and cookies or reset your browser. Now go to your mobile internet settings and set APN(Access Point Name) Jionet and check your internet speed. This might sound strange but as we said 78% of people increased their internet speed by following this. Sometimes, cookies and cache prevents the page to load faster.
  2. The second Method To Fix Internet Speed: In this method, you need to download a VPN. After downloading a VPN, you need to select a high-speed server in your VPN. If the internet speed problem is with your server, then this method will resolve that. But if you have low network coverage, then you need to try any other method.


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