10 Disadvantages of internet for students

10 Disadvantages of internet for students.

Earlier we have discussed the advantages of internet. Now we will discuss the disadvantages of internet. When we say Internet can benefit people, we have to keep in mind that it can also have negative effects or we can say it has a few disadvantages as well. Below you canĀ  read about the 10 disadvantages of internet or watch a video on the disadvantages of internet at the end of the post.

Let’s have a look at 10 Disadvantages of internet for students below:

Wastage of time on social media: Students mostly get addicted to social media platforms. A few Social media apps like WhatsApp are introducing new features every month which keeps students addicted.

Wastage of Time on Online Games: When a student wants to focus on his/her study he/she loses focus because of online games like PubG, Clash of Clans etc. As per a survey, a huge number of students are addicted to PubG. This is due to its continuous development of adding new features.

Addiction on Adult Things: While a person wants to study. He/she feels mental stress and stress can be released by a hormone which is also responsible for sexual feelings. But when the same person tries to study through internet, he/she gets some adult contents on the screen and he/she may get addicted to it as well.

OverTrust on Google: Students have so much trust in Google that they don’t even cross check the answers. Some persons who are in blogging sometimes write wrong/misguiding things which may lead to wrong knowledge.

Depression/Loniless: When Students or even people socialize more on social media. They get depressed and feel lonely in the real world. Most of them end having no friends in their nearby. Some students even cross their limits on social media as they don’t use their own informtion while creating their account/profile. So they feel free, while this behavior impacts on their real life.

Overtrust On Internet/Hacking: People nowadays upload all the things on internet including some confidential things like when people shop online they provide their credit card details and debit card details. What if a particular shopping site is hacked, all your data will be available to hackers. Shopping online saves a lot of time and money. but this is a serious concern.

10 Disadvantages of internet for students

Spam/Advertising: Internet is full of spammers. They don’t even leave a single chance to spam your accounts.

Health Problems: As we mentioned above, spending more time on social media platforms may cause depression. But it will definitely cause some serious health problems including dry skin. Because when a student gets addicted to any social media platform he/she may not drink a good amount of water. Which will have an impact on his/her skin.

Growth Of Under-Developed Countries: Developed countries have better internet facilities and IT sector which helps them to develop faster than underdeveloped countries. We can’t blame solely internet for this, but internet is also a reason. Countries having 1 MBPS internet speed can’t compare with countries having 50+MBPS internet speed. Clearly, a developed country will do any task before the time, which results in faster growth of the country. This will cause recessionĀ of jobs and students may not get jobs as per their profile.

Growth Of Small Businessmen: Online shopping has become a trend. As per the sources, 50% of Americans shop online. So clearly small businessman and shopkeepers will see a decline in sales. Hence the profit will not be good. This will impact the middle-class community directly. But this is good for IT students as online shops require marketers, promoters, programmers and many more.


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