how to set caller tune in Jio for specific number

Jio is one of the best telecommunication companies in India. its Users are more than any other cellular network company. they gave a free feature to its users: “Free Caller Tune.” Jio never charges any cost for setting up your favourite caller tune. Thus, using some methods, you can set your favourite song as the caller tune in Jio. how to set caller tune in Jio for a specific number? Are you also wondering about getting the correct answer to this question? This article will help you to find the solution to this question.

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let’s find the solution of this question” How to set caller tune in Jio for a specific number”.

How to set caller tune in jio


How do I set caller tune in Jio on my Smartphone?

Four methods to activate caller tune in Jio and these four ways are given here.

  1. via Jio service
  2. Caller tune set by the help of SMS
  3. via my Jio app
  4. via clicking on the star button

How to set caller tune via Jio service

  1.  Firstly, go to the play store and download the JioSaavn app. if you have already downloaded then move forward.
  2. Now open the app and log in by filling the required information.
  3. Now You Can Search Your Favorite Song And Click On Set S Jio Tune You Can Set Your Caller Tune.
  4. You can see more songs or go ahead.
  5. And after successfully setting up Jio Tune, you will get a confirmation message.

set caller tune with the help of SMS

Caller tune set by sms is the most common way to set caller tunes in our smartphones.

  1.  Simply mention the movie name and send it to 56789
  2. Write the album name and send it to 56789
  3. also, we can type the singer’s name and send it to 56789
  4. If you have messaged, Jeev will send you a confirmation message.

   And finally, you have to send `y` for confirmation.

set caller tune with the help of my Jio app

This is the simplest way to set caller tune in my Jio app.

  1. Install or download my Jio application with the help of the Play Store or Apple App Store.
  2. log in to the app.
  3. Tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.
  4. then we can see the Jio tune option simply hit on it.
  5. Next open the Songs tab which has music playlists, albums, singer names and so on.
  6. From the shortlisted favourite songs you can just pick up your song for the caller tune.

Now we can check your caller tune.

set caller tune by clicking on the star button

it’s a very fantastic feature given by Jio to copy your friend’s caller tune by the simplest steps given below.

  1. Simply we need to press the star(*) button .when your next call your favourite caller tune Holder friend.
  2. After that Jio will send you a message to confirm to set the caller tune.
  3. Finally, we send a message ..y.. due to this caller tune will be activated on your number.

Now the question is how to disable caller tune on Jio number due to some reason or make our number caller tune free.

We can disable Jio caller with the help of my Jio app or by sms.

How to disable Jio caller tune

Here are two ways to disable caller tune in Jio no.

  1. by my Jio app
  2. disable caller tune with sms.

Deactivation by my Jio app

  1. Open My Jio App and Click on the Menu bar.
  2. Choose the caller tunes option which is shown in the Manu.
  3. And then select my subscription page and hit the deactivation Jio tune button which is shown at the bottom of the screen.
  4. For the confirmation of degree activation of Jiotunes select yes and finally deactivate Jiotune.

Deactivate by the sms

  1. Open the SMS app on your Android and send a stop to the number 56789
  2. Reply with ..1..for the confirmation of the deactivation of caller tune on your Jio number.
  3. After successful deactivation, we will get a deactivation message which is giving final confirmation message to deactivate it.

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